3 Degrees of Wet, Comparative Degree of Wet, Superlative Degree of Wet

Meaning of Wet: covered or saturated with water

Comparative and Superlative Degree of Wet

Comparative degree of Wet is wetter, superlative degree of Wet is wettest.

Adjective Comparative Superlative
Wet wetter wettest

Examples Using Positive Degree Of Wet:

  • The rain left the ground wet and muddy.
  • She jumped into the pool and got wet instantly.
  • The dog shook off the water, getting everyone wet.
  • The paintbrush was wet with fresh, vibrant colors.
  • The grass was wet with morning dew.
  • He stepped in a puddle and his shoes got wet.
  • The raincoat kept her dry in the wet weather.
  • The clothes on the clothesline were still wet.
  • The wet towel left a damp spot on the table.
  • The storm made the roads slippery and wet.

Example Using Comparative Degree Of Wet:

  • Today’s rain is wetter than yesterday’s drizzle.
  • She got even wetter when she jumped in the lake.
  • The storm made everything outside wetter than before.
  • His clothes were wetter than mine after the downpour.
  • The sponge absorbed water, becoming wetter with each squeeze.
  • The rain in the city is usually wetter than in the suburbs.
  • The umbrella couldn’t keep them completely dry in the wetter rain.
  • The shower became wetter as the water pressure increased.
  • The mop left the floor slightly wetter than anticipated.
  • Her hair got wetter with each passing raindrop.

Example Using Superlative Degree Of Wet:

  • This is the wettest rainstorm we’ve had all year.
  • She got caught in the wettest rain she had ever experienced.
  • The river flooded, reaching its wettest level in decades.
  • The towel was soaked, dripping with the wettest water.
  • His clothes were the wettest among the group after the storm.
  • The rainforest receives some of the wettest rainfall on Earth.
  • The sponge became saturated, holding the wettest water.
  • This is the wettest season we’ve had in a long time.
  • The storm left the streets in the city the wettest they’ve ever been.
  • The wettest areas of the garden are prone to flooding.

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