3 Degrees of Thick, Comparative Degree of Thick, Superlative Degree of Thick

Meaning of Thick: with opposite sides or surfaces that are far or relatively far apart.

Comparative and Superlative Degree of Thick

The comparative degree of Thick is the thicker, superlative degree of Thick is the thickest.

Adjective Comparative Superlative
Thick thicker thickest

Examples Using Positive Degree Of Thick:

  • The thick blanket kept me warm throughout the night.
  • Her thick hair cascaded down her shoulders.
  • The thick fog obscured the view of the mountains.
  • He spread a thick layer of peanut butter on the bread.
  • The tree trunk was thick and sturdy.
  • The soup had a thick and creamy texture.
  • The novel had a thick plot full of twists and turns.
  • The paintbrush left a thick stroke of red on the canvas.
  • The steak was cooked to a thick and juicy perfection.
  • The jacket had a thick lining to keep out the cold.

Example Using Comparative Degree Of Thick:

  • The rope was thicker than the one before.
  • Her accent was thicker after spending a year abroad.
  • The steak was thicker than the usual cuts.
  • The fog became thicker as the night went on.
  • The tree trunk was thicker than my waist.
  • The paint layer was thicker on the left side.
  • Her wallet was thicker after receiving her paycheck.
  • The book had thicker pages than I expected.
  • The ice cream had a thicker consistency than gelato.
  • The plot of the movie became thicker as the story unfolded.

Example Using Superlative Degree Of Thick:

  • The redwood tree had the thickest trunk in the forest.
  • Her textbook had the thickest pages in the class.
  • The soup had the thickest broth I had ever tasted.
  • The fog was the thickest in the early morning.
  • The blanket had the thickest padding for extra comfort.
  • The brushstroke was the thickest in the artist’s collection.
  • His accent was the thickest among his siblings.
  • The plot of the novel was the thickest I had encountered.
  • The wallet had the thickest stack of bills inside.
  • The ice cream had the thickest layer of chocolate sauce on top.

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