3 Degrees of Close, Comparative Degree of Close, Superlative Degree of Close

Comparative and Superlative Degree of Close

The comparative degree of close is closer and Superlative degree of close is closest. Here is the comparative and superlative degree for close.

Adjective Comparative Superlative
Close closer closest

Examples Using Positive Degree of close:

  • The close friendship between Sarah and Emma is inspiring.
  • The team worked close together to achieve their goals.
  • The close bond between mother and child is unbreakable.
  • The two houses are located close to each other.
  • They sat close to each other during the concert.
  • The store is close to my office, making it convenient.
  • The close relationship between the siblings is evident.
  • We have a close connection with our neighbors.
  • The close proximity of the hotel to the beach is ideal.
  • They live close by, so we often visit each other.

Example Using Comparative Degree of close:

  • John’s house is closer to the supermarket than mine.
  • Sarah’s performance was closer to perfection than anyone else’s.
  • The second restaurant we visited was closer to what we were looking for.
  • They are getting closer to achieving their target sales.
  • The exam scores revealed that Amy was closer to the top of the class.
  • I found a parking spot closer to the entrance of the mall.
  • The alternative route is closer to our destination.
  • The second proposal was closer to meeting our requirements.
  • The blue car came closer to winning the race.
  • The new design is closer to our vision for the project.

Example Using Superlative Degree of close:

  • She has the closest relationship with her older sister.
  • Their performance was the closest to perfection we’ve seen.
  • The last candidate was the closest to meeting our expectations.
  • The coffee shop has the closest proximity to our office.
  • He has the closest connection to the CEO.
  • This restaurant is the closest to the beach.
  • The hotel we stayed at was the closest to the city center.
  • Among all the contestants, she came the closest to winning.
  • They have the closest bond among all the members of the team.
  • The red dress is the closest to what I had in mind.

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