3 Degrees of Poor, Comparative Degree of Poor, Superlative Degree of Poor

Meaning of Poor: lacking sufficient money

Comparative and Superlative Degree of Poor

The comparative degree of Poor is the poorer, superlative degree of Poor is the poorest.

Adjective Comparative Superlative
Poor poorer poorest

Examples Using Positive Degree Of Poor:

  • He lives in a poor neighborhood.
  • The soup tasted poor and flavorless.
  • The movie received poor reviews from critics.
  • She had a poor upbringing and faced many challenges.
  • The student’s performance in math was poor.
  • The company’s financial situation is poor.
  • The team’s defense was poor during the game.
  • The painting’s quality was poor and lacked detail.
  • The service at the restaurant was poor and slow.
  • The child’s grades were poor in school.

Example Using Comparative Degree Of Poor:

  • The first book was poorer than the second.
  • His performance this year was poorer than last year.
  • The weather today is poorer compared to yesterday.
  • Her singing skills are poorer than her dancing skills.
  • The second movie in the series was poorer than the first.
  • The team’s performance in the playoffs was poorer than expected.
  • The old car’s fuel efficiency was poorer than the new model.
  • The hotel’s customer service is poorer than its competitors’.
  • The battery life of the phone is poorer than advertised.
  • The quality of the product is poorer than expected.

Example Using Superlative Degree Of Poor:

  • She is the poorest person in the village.
  • The movie was the poorest I have ever seen.
  • The team had the poorest record in the league.
  • His health condition is the poorest among the patients.
  • The soup tasted the poorest out of all the dishes.
  • The house had the poorest insulation in the neighborhood.
  • The company’s performance this year was the poorest in its history.
  • The laptop’s battery life is the poorest compared to other models.
  • The restaurant received the poorest reviews in town.
  • The student’s grades were the poorest in the class.

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