3 Degrees of Curly, Comparative Degree of Curly, Superlative Degree of Curly

Comparative and Superlative Degree of Curly

Comparative degree of curly is curlier and Superlative degree of curly is curliest. Here is the comparative and superlative degree for curly.

Adjective Comparative Superlative
Curly curlier curliest

Examples Using Positive Degree of curly:

  • She has curly hair that cascades down her back.
  • The little girl’s curly locks bounced as she skipped.
  • I envy her curly lashes that frame her eyes.
  • His curly beard gave him a rugged appearance.
  • The poodle had a beautiful coat of curly fur.
  • She styled her curly hair into a chic updo.
  • The painting captured the essence of her curly locks.
  • The bakery sells delicious curly pastries with a flaky texture.
  • He enjoys running his fingers through her curly tresses.
  • The vintage photograph showcased a group of friends with curly hairstyles.

Example Using Comparative Degree of curly:

  • Her hair is curlier than a spring’s coil.
  • The child’s hair is curlier than a ram’s horn.
  • The artist depicted her hair as curlier than a vine.
  • The waves at the beach made her hair curlier than ever.
  • His hair is curlier than a sheepdog’s fur.
  • The wig she wore made her hair curlier than usual.
  • The humidity made my hair curlier than a corkscrew.
  • The dancer’s hair bounced around, curlier than ever.
  • The salon used a perm treatment to make her hair curlier.
  • The doll’s hair was curlier than a doll collector had ever seen.

Example Using Superlative Degree of curly:

  • Her hair is the curliest I’ve ever seen.
  • The baby had the curliest hair in the family.
  • The painting portrayed a woman with the curliest locks.
  • The humidity made her hair the curliest it had ever been.
  • The actress won an award for her role and had the curliest hair on the red carpet.
  • The doll’s hair was styled in the curliest fashion of the era.
  • The comedian joked that his hair was the curliest in show business.
  • The poodle won the dog show with the curliest coat.
  • The salon’s perm treatment left her with the curliest hair she had ever had.
  • The little girl proudly showed off her doll with the curliest hair of all.

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