3 Degrees of Late, Comparative Degree of Late, Superlative Degree of Late

Meaning of Late: come after time

Comparative and Superlative Degree of Late

The comparative degree of late is later, superlative degree of late is latest.

Adjective Comparative Superlative
Late later latest

Examples Using Positive Degree Of Late:

  • She arrived late for the meeting.
  • He finished the project late last night.
  • The train is running late this evening.
  • They returned late from their vacation.
  • The party started late due to traffic.
  • We stayed up late watching movies.
  • The bus arrived late at the station.
  • She submitted her assignment late yesterday.
  • He woke up late and missed breakfast.
  • They booked their flights late and paid extra.

Example Using Comparative Degree Of Late:

  • She arrived later than expected for the meeting.
  • He finished the project later than his colleague.
  • The train is running later than usual today.
  • They returned home later than they planned.
  • The party started later than the invitation stated.
  • We stayed up later than we should have.
  • The bus arrived later than the scheduled time.
  • She submitted her assignment later than the deadline.
  • He woke up later than his alarm went off.
  • They booked their flights later than recommended.

Example Sentences Using Superlative Degree of Late:

  1. He is always the latest to arrive at parties.
  2. The train arrived at its destination latest among all the stops.
  3. The flight got delayed and arrived the latest of all.
  4. He stayed up until the latest to finish his work.
  5. She always leaves the office at the latest in the evening.
  6. They reached the venue the latest among the attendees.
  7. The concert ended at the latest hour of the night.
  8. The movie started at the latest time possible.
  9. They submitted their report at the latest deadline.
  10. The train departed at the latest moment before closing the doors.

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