50 Adjectives Words and Examples

50 Adjectives Words and Examples

50 adjectives words

50 Adjectives Words List

  1. beautiful
  2. brave
  3. clear
  4. cooperative
  5. dead
  6. disturbed
  7. alive
  8. awful
  9. bored
  10. cheerful
  11. condemned
  12. dangerous
  13. disgusted
  14. annoying
  15. bewildered
  16. bright
  17. cloudy
  18. crazy
  19. defiant
  20. doubtful
  21. alert
  22. average
  23. blushing
  24. charming
  25. concerned
  26. cute
  27. difficult
  28. adorable
  29. anxious
  30. black
  31. busy
  32. clumsy
  33. creepy
  34. delightful
  35. drab
  36. agreeable
  37. attractive
  38. blue-eyed
  39. cautious
  40. comfortable
  41. curious
  42. different
  43. sad
  44. alone
  45. free
  46. cheap
  47. down
  48. below
  49. bad
  50. good

Uses in Examples Sentences

beautifulShe is a beautiful girl
braveThey are brave people
clearIt is a clear day
cooperativeWe are cooperative people
deadHe is a dead man
disturbedShe is a disturbed woman
aliveHe is an alive man
awfulIt is an awful day
boredI am bored today
cheerfulShe is a cheerful woman
condemnedHe is condemned to die
dangerousIt is a dangerous place
disgustedThey are disgusted with him
annoyingHe is an annoying person
bewilderedShe is bewildered by what happened
brightThe light is bright
cloudyIt is cloudy today
crazyHe is a crazy man
defiantShe is defiant to the end
doubtfulI am doubtful about his story
alertShe is alert to danger
averageHe is an average guy
blushingShe is blushing
charmingHe is charming
concernedShe is concerned about her son
cuteHe is a cute kid
difficultThis is a difficult problem
adorableHe is an adorable child
anxiousShe is anxious about the future
blackIt is black outside
busyI am busy today
clumsyHe is clumsy person
creepyShe is creepy
delightfulHe is delightful company
drabShe is drab and colorless
agreeableHe is agreeable to everything
attractiveShe is an attractive woman
blue-eyedHe has blue eyes
cautiousShe is cautious in everything she does
comfortableHe is comfortable in his own skin
curiousI am curious about what you said
differentThey are different from everyone else
sadHe is a sad man
aloneShe is alone in the world
freeHe is free to do what he wants
cheapThe room is cheap
downThe basement is down
belowHis office is below ground level
badThe bad news was that she lost her job
goodThe good news was that she found a new one

adjectives words and examples list