3 Degrees of New, Comparative Degree of New, Superlative Degree of New

Meaning of New: produced, introduced, or discovered recently

Comparative and Superlative Degree of New

Comparative degree of New is newer, superlative degree of New is newest.

Adjective Comparative Superlative
New newer newest

Examples Using Positive Degree Of New:

  • The new car is shiny and sleek.
  • I bought a new dress for the party.
  • She got a new job with better pay.
  • The company launched a new product line.
  • We moved into a new house last week.
  • He surprised her with a new puppy.
  • The restaurant introduced a new menu.
  • I downloaded a new app on my phone.
  • The library has a new collection of books.
  • We explored the new city during our vacation.

Example Using Comparative Degree Of New:

  • This car is newer than the previous model.
  • His laptop is newer and faster than mine.
  • The second edition of the book is newer.
  • The restaurant’s menu has newer options.
  • The phone’s design is newer and more stylish.
  • I prefer the newer version of the software.
  • Her hairstyle is newer and more trendy.
  • The house has a newer coat of paint.
  • The upgraded model has newer features.
  • The movie is the newer installment of the series.

Example Using Superlative Degree Of New:

  • This car is the newest model on the market.
  • She owns the newest smartphone available.
  • The fashion show showcased the newest trends.
  • The restaurant won an award for its newest dish.
  • He got the newest gaming console in town.
  • The building has the newest technology installed.
  • They have the newest edition of the magazine.
  • The car showroom displayed the newest arrivals.
  • The artist unveiled his newest masterpiece.
  • The hotel offers the newest amenities for guests.

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