20 Examples of Adjective Phrase

Adjectives are a powerful tool when it comes to expressing yourself in writing. They can be used to emphasize the characteristics of a person or thing and make your writing more vivid and interesting. An adjective phrase is a group of words that includes an adjective and other modifiers, such as adverbs, nouns, and prepositional phrases. In this article, we will explore 20 examples of adjective phrases to help you understand how they work.

What is an Adjective Phrase?

An adjective phrase is a group of words that functions as an adjective in a sentence, modifying a noun or pronoun. It consists of an adjective, which is the head of the phrase, along with any modifiers or complements that may appear before or after it.

For example:

  • The red car is parked on the street.

In this sentence, “red” is the adjective, and “red car” is the adjective phrase that modifies the noun “car.”

  • She is wearing a beautiful dress made of silk.

In this sentence, “beautiful” is the adjective, and “beautiful dress made of silk” is the adjective phrase that modifies the noun “dress.”

How To Identify an Adjective Phrase?

Here are some tips to identify an adjective phrase:

  1. Look for a group of words that function as a single unit in describing a noun or pronoun.
  2. Identify the adjective in the group of words.
  3. Look for words that modify or complement the adjective. These words can include adverbs, prepositions, articles, and other words that provide more detail about the adjective.
  4. Check whether the group of words can be removed from the sentence without changing its meaning significantly. If the group of words can be removed without affecting the meaning of the sentence, it may not be an adjective phrase.

Here are some examples of adjective phrases:

  • The big, red balloon
  • An old, wooden chair
  • A delicious, chocolate cake
  • The sleek, black sports car
  • A tall, handsome man

20 Examples of Adjective Phrase

20 Examples of Adjective Phrases

Below are 20 examples of adjective phrases:

  1. She wore a beautifully embroidered dress to the party.
  2. The bright red apple caught my attention.
  3. The incredibly loud music bothered the neighbors.
  4. The dog was covered in thick, muddy fur.
  5. I love the warm, golden sand at the beach.
  6. The cake had a deliciously rich chocolate flavor.
  7. The dancer showed graceful, fluid movements on stage.
  8. The rapidly flowing river was dangerous for swimming.
  9. The athlete displayed impressive physical strength.
  10. The room was filled with beautiful antique furniture.
  11. The painting had an intricate, colorful pattern.
  12. The lightly seasoned vegetables were delicious.
  13. We admired the ancient, towering trees in the forest.
  14. He had a genuinely kind-hearted personality.
  15. The crystal clear water in the lake was inviting.
  16. She wore a long, flowing gown to the event.
  17. The magnificent, snow-capped mountains were breathtaking.
  18. The novel had an intriguing, suspenseful plot.
  19. The deep, soothing voice of the narrator was calming.
  20. The shimmering, star-filled night sky was mesmerizing.

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10 Examples of Adjective Phrases

  1. dark and stormy
  2. tall and lanky
  3. crisp and refreshing
  4. soft and cozy
  5. bright and colorful
  6. spicy and flavorful
  7. warm and inviting
  8. sleek and modern
  9. fragrant and aromatic
  10. cold and frosty

10 Adjective Phrase Examples With Answers

Here are 10 adjective phrase examples along with explanations to help you understand their function:

1. Example: The girl with bright blue eyes smiled at me.

Adjective Phrase: with bright blue eyes (provides more information about the girl)

2. Example: The book covered in dust had been sitting there for years.

Adjective Phrase: covered in dust (describes the book)

3. Example: The cake, incredibly delicious and moist, was a hit at the party.

Adjective Phrase: incredibly delicious and moist (provides more information about the cake)

4. Example: The dog, barking loudly from excitement, greeted its owner.

Adjective Phrase: barking loudly from excitement (describes the dog)

5. Example: The old man in the worn-out hat was always at the park.

Adjective Phrase: in the worn-out hat (provides more information about the old man)

6. Example: The flowers, vibrant and full of life, brightened up the room.

Adjective Phrase: vibrant and full of life (describes the flowers)

7. Example: The house at the end of the street had a mysterious aura.

Adjective Phrase: at the end of the street (provides more information about the house)

8. Example: The movie, filled with suspense and drama, kept us on the edge of our seats.

Adjective Phrase: filled with suspense and drama (describes the movie)

9. Example: The woman wearing the elegant red dress captured everyone’s attention.

Adjective Phrase: wearing the elegant red dress (provides more information about the woman)

10. Example: The bird with the beautiful, colorful feathers sang a melodious tune.

Adjective Phrase: with the beautiful, colorful feathers (describes the bird)

20 examples of adjective phrases