20 Sentences Using ‘HAS’, HAS in Example Sentences

Welcome to our guide on the uses of the verb “has”! While it is a common word, there are many ways to use it in a sentence. In this article, we will be going over twenty sentences using the verb “has” to show you how versatile it can be. We will also provide examples of how you can use “has” in various contexts.

How to Use Has in Sentences?

“Has” is a verb that is commonly used to show possession or to form the present perfect tense in English. Here are some examples of how to use “has” in sentences:

  1. Possession: Use “has” to indicate possession of an object or an attribute.

For example:

  • My sister has a new car.
  • John has brown hair.
  • The cat has a long tail.
  1. Present Perfect Tense: Use “has” to form the present perfect tense when talking about an action that happened in the past and has a connection to the present.

For example:

  • He has just finished my homework.
  • She has already eaten breakfast.

When using “has” in the present perfect tense, it is often followed by a past participle (the verb form ending in “-ed” or “-en”), such as “finished,” “eaten,” or “waited.”

Note that “has” is the third-person singular form of the verb “have.” Therefore, it is only used with singular subjects such as “he,” “she,” “it,” or a singular noun. The plural form of “has” is “have,” and it is used with plural subjects such as “they,” “we,” or plural nouns.

has in example sentences

Has in Example Sentences

  1. He has many books.
  2. She has to study.
  3. She has to go home.
  4. He has a pen.
  5. He has much work to do.
  6. She has a dog.
  7. He has an apple.
  8. He has a lot of homework to do.
  9. She has to go.
  10. He has to clean my room.
  11. He has a lot of friends.
  12. She has a lot of work to do.
  13. He has a lot of problems.
  14. She has no money.
  15. He has got a big dog.
  16. She hasn’t got any money.
  17. He hasn’t got any time.
  18. She hasn’t got a dog.
  19. He hasn’t got any money.
  20. He has a bad day.
  21. She has enough.
  22. He hasn’t got any more money.
  23. She has never been to China.

Interrogative Sentences Using Has

Here are some interrogative sentences using “has”:

  1. Has he finished his homework yet?
  2. Has she ever been to Paris?
  3. Has the package arrived yet?
  4. Has the new movie been released?
  5. Has the restaurant changed its menu?
  6. Has anyone called me while I was out?
  7. Has the project been completed on time?
  8. Has the company announced its earnings yet?
  9. Has the train left the station already?
  10. Has the doctor seen the patient yet?

Negative Sentences Using Has

Here are some sentences using “has not”:

  1. He has not completed his homework yet.
  2. She has not been to Europe before.
  3. The company has not released any new products this year.
  4. The team has not won a game in weeks.
  5. My phone has not been working properly for days.
  6. The concert has not been canceled, it has just been rescheduled.
  7. The restaurant has not received many customers this evening.
  8. She has not seen that movie yet.
  9. The museum has not updated its exhibits in a long time.
  10. The project has not been approved by the board.


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