50 Examples of Interrogative Pronouns in Sentences

50 Examples of Interrogative Pronouns in Sentences! Interrogative pronouns are a type of pronoun used in questions to ask for information. Knowing how to use interrogative pronouns correctly can help you communicate more effectively and accurately. In this article, we’ll provide 50 examples of interrogative pronouns in sentences to explain the proper usage of each one.

What is an Interrogative Pronoun?

An interrogative pronoun is a type of pronoun that is used to ask questions in a sentence. Interrogative pronouns include words such as “who,” “whom,” “what,” “which,” and “whose.” These pronouns are used to inquire about a person, a thing, or some other type of information.

For example:

  • Who is going to the party tonight?
  • What is the capital city of Spain?
  • Which book did you borrow from the library?
  • Whose phone is ringing?

50 Examples of Interrogative Pronouns in Sentences

  1. Do you know what time the store closes tonight?
  2. She doesn’t know who to invite to the party.
  3. They’re discussing what kind of gift to give for the wedding.
  4. Whose book is this on the table?
  5. She wondered which route would be the fastest to get there.
  6. How did you learn to play the piano?
  7. Whoever wins the race will get a prize.
  8. He asked me whom I had spoken to about the project.
  9. How long have you been living in this city?
  10. They’re trying to determine which project to prioritize.
  11. Do you remember whose turn it is to clean the kitchen?
  12. Why did you skip school yesterday?
  13. Whose car is parked in the driveway?
  14. She asked me what my favorite food was.
  15. Do you have any idea whose dog is barking outside?
  16. The teacher asked which students had completed the assignment.
  17. The client asked which package would be the best value.
  18. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?
  19. The teacher asked which student had the correct answer.
  20. When will you be back from your trip?
  21. When did you first start playing guitar?
  22. The boss wants to know whose report is overdue.
  23. We’re trying to figure out whom to ask for help.
  24. Why did you choose to study engineering in college?
  25. He’s not sure what he wants to study in college.
  26. What time is it right now?
  27. Whom do you think will win the election?
  28. Whom did you invite to the meeting?
  29. Do you know what time the movie starts?
  30. They were discussing who should be promoted.
  31. They were debating who should be elected as the new leader.
  32. I can’t recall who told me about the job opening.
  33. Which movie did you see last weekend?
  34. I can’t decide which dress to wear to the wedding.
  35. She wondered whom she could ask for a recommendation.
  36. I’m not sure whom to contact about the billing issue.
  37. Who is coming to the party tonight?
  38. He asked me what my plans for the weekend were.
  39. Why do birds sing in the morning?
  40. I can’t remember whose idea it was.
  41. What is your favorite food?
  42. They were wondering which restaurant to choose.
  43. He wanted to know which hotel we would be staying at.
  44. Where did you go on vacation last year?
  45. I’m curious to know whom you’re going to the concert with.
  46. They’re trying to decide which team to root for.
  47. We’re not sure what the weather will be like tomorrow.
  48. Which color do you prefer, red or blue?
  49. I can’t decide which color to paint the living room.
  50. Where is the nearest gas station?

50 Examples of Interrogative Pronouns in Sentences


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