100 Examples of Interrogative Adjectives in Sentences

100 Examples of Interrogative Adjectives in Sentences! Interrogative adjectives are used to ask questions about a noun. They are a great tool when it comes to creating sentences that probe and inquire. This article will provide 100 examples of interrogative adjectives in sentences so that you can become familiar with their usage and see how they can be used to create interesting, thought-provoking sentences.

Examples of interrogative adjectives include which, what, whose, and many more.

100 Examples of Interrogative Adjectives in Sentences 1

List of Interrogative Adjectives

There are three interrogatives in English.

  1. What
  2. Which
  3. Whose

What: used to ask about the identity or nature of something.

Example: “What time is it?”

Which: used to ask about a specific choice or option among a group of things.

Example: “Which car do you want to buy?”

Whose: used to ask about possession or ownership.

Example: “Whose book is this?”

100 Examples of Interrogative Adjectives in Sentences

  1. Which picture did you paint?
  2. What instruments were played in the performance?
  3. Which gift do you like most?
  4. Which dress is more suitable for the occasion?
  5. What game are you playing now?
  6. Whose idea was this project?
  7. Which sculpture did you create?
  8. What color is your car?
  9. Whose bike do you want to borrow?
  10. Which movie are you watching right now?
  11. What foods do you enjoy eating the most?
  12. Which language did she speak fluently?
  13. What types of music do you like listening to?
  14. Which team won the league last year?
  15. Which recipe did your grandmother teach you?
  16. What clothing item is most popular this season?
  17. Which car did you buy recently?
  18. What subjects do you have the most difficulty with?
  19. Which artist painted that stunning landscape?
  20. What kind of restaurant do you prefer to visit?
  21. Which team is playing tonight?
  22. Whose bag did you take for your trip?
  23. Which flower does she like more?
  24. What style of clothing do you usually wear?
  25. Which book did your teacher recommend to read?
  26. What magazine articles were you reading?
  27. Which player scored the most goals in the last match?
  28. Whose phone number did you give to your friend?
  29. Which type of shoes do you need for the ceremony?
  30. What kind of car does he drive?
  31. Which song are you going to sing on stage?
  32. What gift did she get from her friends?
  33. Whose idea was this project again?
  34. Which sport do you practice more often?
  35. What types of food do you like to cook?
  36. Whose bike is parked outside the house?
  37. Which dress did she wear for the wedding?
  38. What painting does your friend have in his room?
  39. Which country was the trip to?
  40. What hobby do you like the most?
  41. Which laptop model did you buy last week?
  42. What kind of music was playing in the club?
  43. Whose shirt are you wearing today?
  44. Which game do you play with your friends on weekends?
  45. What type of movie did they watch last night?
  46. Which color did you paint the room?
  47. Whose jacket do you want to borrow?
  48. What subjects do you like most in school?
  49. Which team won the tournament last month?
  50. What sports event are they going to attend tomorrow?
  51. Which flower does she like more, roses or lilies?
  52. What types of food did your family serve for dinner?
  53. Which car was chosen by your brother for his graduation gift?
  54. Whose shoes do you like the most, yours or mine?
  55. What clothes did she bring with her on vacation?
  56. Which song is your favorite from the album?
  57. Which book is the best seller right now?
  58. What article did he read in the newspaper this morning?
  59. Which classroom are you going to use for tutoring students?
  60. Whose luggage did you borrow for your vacation trip?
  61. What foods do you find particularly delicious?
  62. Which card did she pick from the table?
  63. What style of painting does your friend like to do?
  64. Which notebook are you taking notes in now?
  65. Whose hat did you borrow for the costume party?
  66. What kind of car is he thinking about buying?
  67. Which room was rented for the meeting today?
  68. What kind of weather are we having today?
  69. Whose jacket did you wear during the outdoor event?
  70. Which subject is your favorite one to teach students about?
  71. What sports match was broadcasted on TV this evening?
  72. Which novel did she write that won the award?
  73. What language were they speaking in the video you watched?
  74. Which television show did you watch last night?
  75. Whose photo album is this?
  76. What musical instrument do you like playing the most?
  77. Which gift do your friends usually give you on your birthday?
  78. What types of arts and crafts do you like to make?
  79. Which magazine did you read the latest article from?
  80. What games do your family usually play together?
  81. Whose car are you borrowing for the weekend?
  82. Which song is playing on the radio right now?
  83. What clothing item is missing from your wardrobe?
  84. Which team won the championship last year?
  85. What kind of food do you like to have for breakfast?
  86. Which shirt is your favorite one that you own?
  87. What movies do you rent from the video store?
  88. Which painting are you looking at in the gallery?
  89. Whose ideas did they use for the project?
  90. What style of dance do you know how to perform?
  91. Which country did they go on vacation to last year?
  92. What sports do you like to watch in your free time?
  93. Which game console is your favorite one to play on?
  94. Whose novels did you read that was recommended by the teacher?
  95. What magazine article was she reading when you saw her yesterday?
  96. Which dress did she choose for the party tonight?
  97. What gift are you giving your best friend for their birthday this year?
  98. Whose phone number are you memorizing right now?
  99. What food do you think tastes the best?
  100. Which color did you dye your hair last month?

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100 Examples of Interrogative Adjectives in Sentences

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