20 Comparative Adjectives Examples

20 Comparative Adjectives Examples

20 comparative adjectives

1) She is prettier than Sajal and Sara.

2) He is smarter than his sister.

3) The laptop is newer than the desktop.

4) The living room is larger than the bedroom.

5) India is poorer than Japan.

6) The traffic is worse than yesterday.

7) This novel is thicker than that one.

8) Boston is colder than Miami.

9) The soup is hotter than the tea.

10) The chicken is older than the duck.

11) The dog is smaller than the cat.

12) The shelf is higher than the table.

13) My computer is faster than your computer.

14) His car is bigger than her car.

15) The room is messier than the other room.

16) The project is more difficult than the previous one.

17) The company is less profitable than the others.

18) This homework is easier than that homework.

19) They are more friendly than us.

20) She is taller than me.