3 Degrees of Silly, Comparative Degree of Silly, Superlative Degree of Silly

Meaning of Silly: having or showing a lack of common sense

Comparative and Superlative Degree of Silly

Comparative degree of Silly is the sillier, superlative degree of Silly is the silliest.

Adjective Comparative Superlative
Silly sillier silliest

Examples Using Positive Degree Of Silly:

  • The silly clown made everyone laugh.
  • She told a silly joke that brightened my day.
  • The children played a silly game of tag.
  • He wore a silly hat at the party.
  • The dog chased its tail in a silly manner.
  • The silly movie had us in stitches.
  • They pulled off a silly prank on their friend.
  • The toddler made a silly face in the mirror.
  • The comedian’s silly antics had the audience roaring with laughter.
  • The silly cat got stuck in a box.

Example Using Comparative Degree Of Silly:

  • Her joke was sillier than mine.
  • The second clown’s act was sillier than the first.
  • He made a sillier face than anyone else.
  • Their pranks were getting sillier by the minute.
  • The movie sequel was even sillier than the original.
  • The dog’s behavior grew sillier as the day went on.
  • The children’s costumes were getting sillier and more creative.
  • His sense of humor is sillier when he’s tired.
  • The comedian’s latest routine was sillier than ever before.
  • Her silly dance moves were sillier than anyone expected.

Example Using Superlative Degree Of Silly:

  • That was the silliest joke I’ve ever heard.
  • He has the silliest laugh you can imagine.
  • The clown’s act was the silliest of them all.
  • The dog’s behavior is always the silliest at the park.
  • It was the silliest thing I’ve ever done in my life.
  • The movie was the silliest comedy of the year.
  • The toddler’s imitation of a monkey was the silliest.
  • That prank was the silliest one yet.
  • The comedian’s performance was the silliest I’ve seen in a long time.
  • She has the silliest sense of humor out of all my friends.

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