100 Examples of Adverbs in Sentences

100 Examples of Adverbs in Sentences100 Examples of Adverbs in Sentences

  1. Take this seriously.
  2. Our work went nicely.
  3. Jeff: He is arrogantly beautiful.
  4. Dinah cried as she drove away slowly.
  5. The sopranos performed beautifully.
  6. It’s a pity the mouse only has one hole.
  7. Her new company is doing nicely well.
  8. A great soul can often be found in a small body.
  9. They took it slowly as they walked down the street.
  10. All of the sphere’s parts were nicely balanced.
  11. The East is slowly absorbing Western ideas.
  12. The assassinations have hampered peace efforts seriously.
  13. The stage designs are beautifully stunning.
  14. His health started to deteriorate seriously.
  15. The first fit kills the person who has never been sick.
  16. The car moved away smoothly.
  17. As a child, she was seriously ill.
  18. That will be ideal for me.
  19. He said softly, ‘Don’t cry.’
  20. It’s never too late to start over.
  21. Sand the surface softly and with care.
  22. She was softly humming to herself.
  23. He smiled at her, making her feel oddly vulnerable.
  24. Take it seriously.
  25. His own boss was acting oddly.
  26. Ask him nicely and diplomatically.
  27. A person who has never made a mistake has never accomplished anything.
  28. “How are you doing?” she inquired softly.
  29. That box is going to fit the bill nicely.
  30. The warm weather is causing the wheat to grow nicely.
  31. His current account was seriously depleted.
  32. The only way to learn is to do something.
  33. Keepers are frequently concerned about kings and bears.
  34. Daniel shifted his weight anxiously from one foot to the other.
  35. She demanded shrilly, “What are you doing?”
  36. The book is printed beautifully on high-quality paper.
  37. These melons are starting to ripen nicely.
  38. The various components must all work together smoothly.
  39. The car gets me to work in a timely manner.
  40. I’m not sure if you remember what I said arrogantly.
  41. The gift was beautifully wrapped in gold tissue paper.
  42. The only way to success is to fail.
  43. I don’t take him seriously at all.
  44. A man can only die once in his life.
  45. He was bitterly vehement about his time in prison.
  46. It is never too late to learn something new.
  47. The loan for love is love, and only love.
  48. This soap lathers up nicely.
  49. If you take your love too seriously, you’ll lose it.
  50. It is a good worker who never makes a mistake.
  51. They were whistling shrilly and stamping their feet, calling for him.
  52. A formal contract is signed, and it is renewed every year.
  53. Monkey is caught softly.
  54. God’s mills grind slowly but steadily.
  55. Please repeat it slowly.
  56. Winners never cheat, and cheaters never win.
  57. My steak was beautifully tender.
  58. She was bitterly opposed to the idea of relocating abroad.
  59. A kite will never make an excellent hawk.
  60. Love is never repaid, but it is always rewarded with true love.
  61. A good spur is often required by a good horse.
  62. The leaves on this plant are beautifully variegated.
  63. In St Luke’s Hospital, her father is seriously ill.
  64. He drewled softly, “Come in.”
  65. The only way to success is to persevere.
  66. This was an oddly uneven performance for him.
  67. We are frequently deceived by reason, but never by conscience.
  68. She was bitterly remorseful for what she had done.
  69. He gave her an oddly stealthy look.
  70. She was anxiously going over the casualty list.
  71. On the expressway, the motorcycle glided smoothly.
  72. She’s just acting out, so don’t take her seriously.
  73. They had seriously underestimated the impact of inflation.
  74. She’s been acting oddly lately.
  75. She claims that everything is going smoothly.
  76. He is seriously serious about everything.
  77. He declined and seemed oddly apprehensive about discussing it.
  78. The librarian laughed shrilly and threw his head back.
  79. Death is only tasted once by the valiant.
  80. Outside, he was hovering anxiously.
  81. His great nose protruded even more arrogantly as a result.
  82. Emigrating is something I’m seriously considering.
  83. “Don’t,” he softly warned.
  84. In work clothes, trouble is only an opportunity.
  85. Everything went smoothly.
  86. Without her books, she felt oddly lonely.
  87. Over the frozen snow, the sledge glided smoothly.
  88. She’s been acting oddly this week.
  89. They didn’t like how arrogantly he treated them.
  90. She was seriously considering working in another country.
  91. “Am I boring you?” she anxiously inquired.
  92. He spoke softly.
  93. A clock’s hands move very slowly.
  94. The colours in that image contrast nicely.