100 Important Preposition List and Using Example Sentences

100 Important Preposition List and Using Example Sentences! A preposition is a word or a group of words used before a noun or a pronoun or a noun phrase. Prepositions are used to show spatial relationships, location, direction, time, or place.

Below are examples list of prepositions

  1. Apart
  2. For
  3. On top of
  4. Unto
  5. Ago
  6. Close to
  7. Of
  8. Toward
  9. About
  10. Beside
  11. Instead of
  12. Since
  13. Above
  14. Besides
  15. Into
  16. Than
  17. At
  18. In case of
  19. Outside
  20. Within
  21. As far as
  22. In
  23. Out
  24. Via
  25. Across
  26. But
  27. Next
  28. Till
  29. Away
  30. In front of
  31. Over
  32. Without
  33. Along
  34. Down
  35. On
  36. Under
  37. Against
  38. By means of
  39. Notwithstanding
  40. To
  41. Around
  42. From
  43. Onto
  44. Up
  45. As
  46. Hence
  47. Opposite
  48. Upon
  49. Ahead of
  50. Despite
  51. Off
  52. Towards
  53. Before
  54. In place of
  55. Past
  56. Amidst
  57. Due to
  58. On account of
  59. Underneath
  60. Amongst
  61. Except
  62. On to
  63. Until
  64. Behind
  65. In spite of
  66. Per
  67. After
  68. By
  69. Next to
  70. Times
  71. According to
  72. Beyond
  73. Near
  74. Throughout
  75. Below
  76. In to
  77. Prior to
  78. Among
  79. During
  80. On behalf of
  81. Unlike
  82. As well as
  83. In accordance with
  84. Out from
  85. With
  86. Beneath
  87. Inside
  88. Round
  89. Abroad
  90. Between
  91. Like
  92. Through
  93. Aside
  94. In addition to
  95. Out of
  96. With a view to
  97. Because of
  98. In lieu of
  99. Owing to
  100. Worth

100 Important Preposition List

Prepositions and Example Sentences

Opposite: – “Tall” is the opposite of “short”.

Above: – A plane is flying above the village.

According to: – I cooked the rice according to the directions on the box.

Beneath: – Alex is sitting beneath the pine tree.

Apart: – Apart from cricket, he plays golf and off-road.

Along: – Are you going along?

Until: – Are you going to study until 7?

As far as: – As far as I’m concerned, we’re bad situation.

As: – As it’s raining again, we’ll not play cricket.

Beyond: – Barcelona football club’s success is beyond question.

Besides: – Besides, it’s still early for me.

Before: – C goes before D in Alphabet.

Down: – Calm down my friend!

Via: – Can I pay via Visa?

With: – Come with me, please.

Out: – Cut it out!

Into: – Go into her room and take the wallet.

Towards: – He is walking towards me.

Around: – He left around 6:40.

Than: – He’s older than Mary.

Due to: – Her success was due to her family.

By: – I always go to work by train.

Till: – I didn’t eat meat till I was 18.

Without: – I feel sad without you.

examples of preposition

Underneath: – I found the wallet underneath the table.

Per: – I get paid $3.000 per month.

Off: – I gotta take off.

In: – I live in London.

Near: – I live near the sea.

Despite: – I love my wife despite her faults.

During: – I met the intern during lunch.

In lieu of: – I play football in lieu of studying.

After: – I slept after I arrived at my house.

In place of: – I stayed home in place of going to school.

By means of: – I wake up seven o’clock by means of an alarm clock.

Among: – I want to live in a home among trees.

In accordance with: – In accordance with the doctor, she is very sick.

In addition to: – In addition to his car, he has a jeep.

In spite of: – In spite of being a millionaire, he lives in a very small flat.

For: – Is the coffee too hot for you?

examples of preposition

Below: – It is 20 degrees below zero.

Past: – It is half past seven.

To: – It is twenty to two.

Under: – It is under the table.

Outside: – It seems warm outside.

Abroad: – Mary went abroad.

Beside: – My brother sat down beside me.

Aside: – My family has a little money put aside.

Toward: – My friend, turn toward me.

Between: – My home is between the library and bank.

On: – My notebook is on the table.

Next to: – My wallet is next to a pen.

Except: – Nobody came to the party except George and Alex.

Owing to: – Owing to the rain, the soccer match was canceled.

Up: – Please Stand up!

Away: – Put your laptop away.

Within: – She arrived within 10 minutes.

Ago: – She came back to school a while ago.

Since: – She has been here since 5 O’clock.

Amongst: – She is a girl amongst women.

Like: – She is very clever like me.

On behalf of: – She spoke on behalf of the good plan.

At: – She was at home.

100 Important Preposition List

Because of: – She was late because of missing the train.

Worth: – That was worth the wait.

In case of: – The alarm will ring in case of theft.

Onto: – The cat jumped onto the roof.

Upon: – The earth I walk upon doesn’t recognize me.

Behind: – The shaker is behind the glass.

In front of: – The supermarket in front of the bank.

Next: – The two teams play volleyball the next day.

Inside: – They are going inside.

About: – They have a discussion about football.

Round: – They have a round table.

Prior to: – This accident happened prior to my arrival.

Against: – This company is up against bankruptcy.

Of: – This is a car from my family.

Times: – Two times two is four.

Unlike: – Unlike my sister, I am tall.

Ahead of: – We are ahead of our work schedule.

But: – We are very hungry, but the fridge is empty.

Hence: – We travel hence tomorrow to France.

Through: – We walked slowly through the road.

Over: – When is the party over?

From: – Where are you from?

Across: – You can swim across the river.

100 Important Preposition List

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