50 Examples of Attributive Adjectives in Sentences

Welcome to our article on attributive adjectives! An attributive adjective is an adjective that comes before the noun it modifies and gives more information about the noun. In English, adjectives are one of the most effective ways to make a sentence more vivid and interesting. This article will provide you with 50 examples of attributive adjectives used in sentences so that you can get a better understanding of how they work.

50 Examples of Attributive Adjectives

  1. red
  2. small
  3. old
  4. happy
  5. wooden
  6. blue
  7. round
  8. delicious
  9. green
  10. shiny
  11. soft
  12. tall
  13. sweet
  14. purple
  15. sour
  16. black
  17. bright
  18. fluffy
  19. metallic
  20. cold
  21. hot
  22. long
  23. narrow
  24. heavy
  25. light
  26. slimy
  27. smooth
  28. rough
  29. wet
  30. dry
  31. pink
  32. yellow
  33. orange
  34. grey
  35. white
  36. brown
  37. beige
  38. striped
  39. spotted
  40. furry
  41. slim
  42. broad
  43. thick
  44. thin
  45. stinky
  46. sour
  47. spicy
  48. sweet
  49. sour
  50. bitter

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50 Examples of Attributive Adjectives in Sentences

50 Examples of Attributive Adjectives in Sentences

  1. The red car drove down the street.
  2. The small dog barked loudly.
  3. The old man sat on the park bench.
  4. The happy children played in the park.
  5. The wooden table was sturdy and well-made.
  6. The blue sky was dotted with fluffy white clouds.
  7. The round ball bounced across the field.
  8. The delicious meal was prepared with care.
  9. The green grass grew tall in the meadow.
  10. The shiny ring sparkled in the sunlight.
  11. The soft pillow was comfortable to rest on.
  12. The tall tree towered over the others in the forest.
  13. The sweet aroma of fresh bread filled the bakery.
  14. The purple flower was a beautiful sight to see.
  15. The sour taste of the lemon made her pucker.
  16. The black cat sat on the windowsill and watched the world go by.
  17. The bright lights of the city illuminated the night sky.
  18. The fluffy clouds looked like cotton candy.
  19. The metallic sculpture gleamed in the sunlight.
  20. The cold wind chilled her to the bone.
  21. The hot sun beat down on the desert sands.
  22. The long road stretched out before them.
  23. The narrow alley was too small for a car to pass through.
  24. The heavy box was difficult to lift.
  25. The light feather drifted in the breeze.
  26. The slimy slug left a trail on the sidewalk.
  27. The smooth surface of the marble countertop was cool to the touch.
  28. The rough bark of the tree scraped against her skin.
  29. The wet grass soaked her shoes.
  30. The dry desert landscape was barren and lifeless.
  31. The pink dress was her favorite.
  32. The yellow sunflower stood tall in the field.
  33. The orange sunset painted the sky with vibrant colors.
  34. The grey clouds signaled an impending storm.
  35. The white snow covered the ground like a blanket.
  36. The brown horse galloped across the meadow.
  37. The beige walls of the room were calming.
  38. The striped shirt was a bold fashion statement.
  39. The spotted cow grazing in the field.
  40. The furry cat curled up on the couch and purred.
  41. The slim figure of the dancer moved gracefully across the stage.
  42. The broad shoulders of the football player made him stand out.
  43. The thick book was a challenging read.
  44. The thin paper tore easily.
  45. The stinky garbage can needed to be emptied.
  46. The sour smell of vinegar filled the air.
  47. The spicy sauce added heat to the dish.
  48. The sweet scent of flowers wafted through the garden.
  49. The sour taste of the pickles made her mouth water.
  50. The bitter coffee left a strong aftertaste.

50 Example of Attributive adjectives in Sentences

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