1000 Vocabulary Words for Kids of Grade 2 – Common Words

Vocabulary Words for Kids of Grade 2!  Here is an easy to advance level list of 1000 vocabulary words that are very necessary for a kid of 2nd grade, these vocabulary words are arranged after putting a lot of effort so that nothing left behind.

Some of these words might feel a bit difficult or difficult to read too,  but it’ll boost your child’s communication skills to hear these words and learn what they mean.

So here are 1000 vocabulary words for grade 2 Childs:

Vocabulary Words for Kids of Grade 2

Gland Glass Gleet God goddess
Goiter Gold Gone Gonorrhea Got
Gout Govern Governor Governor Governor
Governess gram Grand grandfather grandmother
Grapefruit Grapes Grass gravy Graze
great millet Green Green Cardamom Green chili Green Coriander
Greet Grew Grinder Grip Gripes
Groin Ground Groundnut Group Grow
Grow gruel Guava Guess guest


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Gums Gunpowder Hair Half Hammer
Hand Handcuff Handsaw Hang Hang
Hang Happen Happy Hard Harm
Harvest Hatch Hatchet Hate Haunch-back
He Head Headmaster Headmistress Heal
Heap Hear Heard Heart Heat
Heavy Heel He-goat heir Hen
Hepatitis Hernia Hero Hero Heroine
Heroine Hew Hiccup Hide Hind
Hire Hoe Hold Hold Hole


Vocabulary Words for Kids of Grade 2!

Holy Basil Hope Horse Horse Hot
Hour Hour Humanity Hundred Hunt
Hunt Hunter Huntress Husband Ice
Idea Import Impress Improve Inch
Include Include Increase Indigestion Infidel
Inflammation Inform Inherit Initiation Injure
Inquire Insist Insomnia Inspect Instrument
Interest Intermittent fever Intestines Invent Invite
Involve Iron Irrigate Island Jaggery
jam Jambolan Jaundice Jaw Job
Join Join Joint Joke Joy


Jujube help Karanda Katira Gum Keep
Kept Key Kick Kick Kidney
Kill King King kiwi Knee
Knew Knit Knock Know Kokum
Labour pain Lad Lad Lady Lake
Lame Lance Landlady Landlord landlord
Language Lass Lass Last Late
Laugh Lay Lead Lean Least
Leave Left Leg Leg Lemon
Lemon Lend Length Leprosy Less


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Let Letter Leucorrhoea Level Lie
Life Lima seed Lime Lion Lioness
Lip List Listen Listen Litchi
Liver Load Lock Lock Lockjaw
Lone Loom Loosen Loose-stool Loquat
Lost Lot Loud Love love, affection
lover Luminosity Lunacy Lungs Mace
Machine Madam Maid-servant Main Malaria
Male stupid Mango Mango powder Map
March Mare Mark Marrow Material
maternal aunt maternal grandfather maternal grandmother maternal uncle Matter


Vocabulary Words for Kids of Grade 2!

Mattock Measles Measure Measure Melody
Melt Method Middle Mid-night Might
Migrant Migrate Migration Mile Milk
Milk Milk Powder Milk-maid Milk-man Million
minced meat Mind Mint Minute Minute
Miracle Miss Miss Missionary Mister
mistress Mistress Mix Mix molasses
Molasses Moment Money Month Month
Moon Morning Morning morsel Morter
mother interesting mother’s sister mother-in-law Motion
motion Mount Mount Mountain Mourn


2nd grader vocabulary words

Mouth Mouth Mow Mozzarella Cheese Mr.
Mrs. Mulberry Multiply Music Musk-melon
Mustache Mustard oil Mustard seed Mustard seed Mutton
Myopia Nail Nape Naseberry Nation
Nausea Navel Neck Negress Negro
nephew Nephew Nerve Never Next
niece Niece Nigella seed Night Night
something North Nose Nose-clip Nostril
Note Note Nothing Notice Noun
Numeral Nutcracker Nutmeg oatmeal Obedient


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Obesity Obey Object Object Obligatory prayer
Observe Observe fast Occupy Ocean Offer
Offer prayer Office Often Often Oh
Oil Olive Olive oil Once One-eyed
Onion Onion peelings Open Operate Oppose
Ophthalmia Optional prayer Orange Order Organ
Organize own Pack Paint Pair
palate Palm Pancreas Papaya Paper
Paralysis Pardon parents Parsley Participate
Parting Pass Pass Past Pattern
Pay Pay Peach Pea-cock Pea-hen
pearl millet Pear Penis Perform Perhaps
Permit Person Perspiration Pestle Phlegm
Phthisis amazing Pickle Piece Piles


vocabulary words for 2nd grader

Vocabulary words for grade 2 PDF

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