1000 English Vocabulary Words for Kids of Grade 3 – Common Words

1000 English Vocabulary words for kids of grade 3! Here are some common and difficult words for kids and students of 3rd grade. As a third-grader, a kid must memorize these words so that he can easily understand his books and what the teacher is saying.

English Vocabulary Words for kids of Grade 3

Pilgrimage Pimples Pine nut Pineapple Piper cubeba
Pistachio Pistol Plain Plan Plane
Plane Plaque Pliers Plough Plum
Pneumonia Poet Poetess Polio pomegranate
Pomegranate seed Poor Poppyseed Pose Position
Possible Pound Power Preach Preceptor
Present Press Pretend Prince Princess
Print Probable Problem Produce Product

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Progress Prohibit Prompt Prong Prostrate
Protect Protest Prove Publish Pull
Pulpit Pulse pulse Punish pupil
pupil Pupil Purblind Pus Qualify
Quarrel Queen Question Question Quick
Quiet Quite Quiver Race Rain



Raisin Ran Rapier Reach Ready
Real Reason Receive Recital Recitation
Recognize Recompense Record Recover Red
Red chili Reduce Refuse Region relation
relative Remember Rend Repeat a sacred name Represent
Rescue Resign Rest Resurrection Revolver
Rib rice-gruel Ride Ride Ring
Ringworm Rise Rise River Road


Roar Rob Rock Room Rosary
Rosewater Rot Row Rule Rump
Run Run Sabre Sacrifice Saffron
Saffron Saffron pulp sago Sail Saliva
Salt Satisfy Saturday sauce Save
Saviour Saw Saw Scabbard Scabies
Scale Science Scissors Scream Screw Driver
Scythe Sea Seclusion Second Second
Sect Section See Seed Seem

Vocabulary words for kids of grade 3

semolina Send Sensitive Sent Sermon
Servant Serve Sesame seed Settle Several
Sew walk Shall Shape Shave
She Shear She-camel She-goat Shine
Shine Ship Shiver Shoot Short
Shoulder Shout Shout Shovel Show
Show Shrink Sickle Sign Simple
Since Sincere Sing Sing Sing


Single Sink Sir sister Sister
sister-in-law Sit Sit Sit Six
Size Skimmed milk Skin Skin Skin
Skip Skull Sky Slay Sleep
Slide Sling Slow Small pox Smile
snacks Snow Soft Sole Son
Son Son Song son-in-law Soon
soup Sour ice cream South Sow Space


Spade Spasm Speak Speak Speak
Spear Special Speed Spend Sperm
Spin Spindle Spinning wheel Spittle Spleen
Sprain Spring Spring Spring Square
Squint-eyed Stag Stammered Stand Stand
Star Start State Stay Stay
Stead Steal Step step-brother step-daughter
step-father step-mother step-sister step-son Stick


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Stick Sting Stock Stomach Stone
Stood Stop Stop Store Story
Straight Strange Strawberry Street Strew
Stride Strike String Strive Strong
Stutterer Subject Sudden Suggest Summer
Sun Sun-stroke Sure Surface Surprise
Swear Sweat Sweet lemon sweetmeat Swell


Swim Swim Sword Syllable Symbol
Syphilis syrup System Table Tail
Take Take Talk Talk Talk
Tamarind Tamarind Taste Teach Teach
teacher Team Tear Teeth Tell
Temple Ten tenant Test Test
Testicle The day after tomorrow Thigh Think Those
Though Thought Thousand Thrive Throat
Throw nice Thumb Tie Tiger
Tigress Tiny Tire Today Toe
Together Told Tomcat Tomorrow Tone


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Tongue Tonight Tonsillitis Took Toothache
Top Torture Touch Touch Touch
Toward Town Trachea Trade Train
Transfer Transport Travel treacle Tree
Tremble Trip Trouble Trouble True
Try Trying Plane Tuberculosis Turmeric Twenty
Typhoid uncle Uncle Understand Unit
Unite Unite Until Urge Urine
Use Usual Usually Vacate Vagina
Vanilla rich Veal Vein Venison


Verb Vigil Vinegar Virgin Visit
Visit Visiting the sick Vixen Voice Vomit
Vomit Vote Vowel Waist Wait
Walk Walk Wall Walnut Wander
Want Want War Warm Wart
Washer-man Washer-woman Waste Watch Watch
Water- chestnut Watermelon Wave Wear Weather
Week friend Weight West wheat


Wheel Whetstone whey Whey While
whipped cream White White pepper Whole Whooping cough
Wide Widow Widower wife Wife
Wild Wind Window Wind-pipe Winter
Wire Wish Witch Wizard Woman
Womb Wonder Wood Wound Wring
Write Written Wrote Yard Year
Yeast Yellow Pepper Yes Yesterday Yet
Yogurt Young


Vocabulary words for kids of grade 3


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