100 Examples of Masculine and Feminine Gender List

100 Examples of Masculine and Feminine Gender List!

Examples of Masculine and Feminine Gender

What are the masculine and feminine in English?

Masculine nouns are words for men, boys, and male animalsFeminine nouns are words for women, girls, and female animals.  Masculine and feminine are important of English Vocabulary and you must have to learn some of these important nouns of gender to streamline your English speaking.

100 Examples of Masculine and Feminine Gender List

Here is the list of 100 examples of masculine and feminine gender list:

Masculine – Feminine

Abbot – abbess

Actor – actress



Baron – baroness

Benefactor – benefactress



Brother – sister

Bull – cow

Bull-calf – cow-calf

Cock – hen

Cock-sparrow – hen-sparrow


Count – countess


Czar – czarina




Drake – duck

Drone – bee

Duke – duchess


Emperor – empress

Enchanter – enchantress

Father – mother

Gander – goose

Gentleman – lady

Giant – giantess


Grandfather – grandmother

Hart – roe

He-goat – she-goat

Heir – heiress


Hero – heroine


Host – hostess


Hunter – huntress

Husband – wife


King – queen

Landlord – landlady

Lion – lioness

Lord – lady

Man – woman

Manservant – maidservant

Master – mistress


Milkman – milkmaid

Monk – nun


Nephew – Niece


Patron – patroness

Peacock – peahen

Peer – peeress



Priest – priestess


Prophet – prophetess

Shepherd – shepherdess

Signor – signora

Sir – madam


Songster – songstress

Stag – hind

Steward – stewardess

Sultan – sultana

Tempter – temptress

Tiger – tigress

Traitor – traitress

Uncle – aunt

Viscount – viscountess

Waiter – waitress

Wizard – witch

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Animal Gender Noun List

Animal also have different noun and name for the opposite gender, and here is a list of some animal gender nouns:

male and female masculine and feminine male and female masculine and feminine male and female masculine and feminine animal masculine and feminine male and female masculine and feminine animal masculine and feminine animal masculine and feminine animal masculine and feminine animal masculine and feminine male and female masculine and feminine

Males Females Young ones
Crabs(jimmy) Sooks Zoea
Snake (nag) Nagina Snakelet, neonate, hatchling snake
Otters(boars) Sows Pups or kittens
Mole(boars) Sows Pups
Bats Female bat Pups
Squirrels(boars) Sow Pup, kit, kitten
Wolf Bitch Pup
Dog Bitch Pup
Frog Female frog Polliwog, tadpole, froglet
Swine Sow Piglet
Peacock Peahen Peachicks
Owl (coco) Owl hen Owlet
Insect Female insect Nymphs, larvae, pupae
Hare Jill Leveret
Sheep Ewe Lamb
Sheep Ewe Lamb
Cat Queen Kitten
Rat Does Kitten
Raccoon(boar) Sow Kits
Chipmunk Does Kits
Fish Female fish Juvenile fish
Kangaroo(buck) Flyer Joeys
Koala(buck) Doe Joeys
Wombat Jill Joey
Monkey Female Infants
Monkey Female monkey Infant
Gorilla Female Infant
Hedgehog(boars) Sows Hoglets
Cattle Cow Heifer
Turtles Female turtle Hatchlings
Crocodile Cow Hatchling
Goose Goose Gosling


Males Females Young ones
Zebra(stallion) Mare Foal
Horse Mare Foal
Ass Jenny Foal
Deer Doe Fawn
Eagle Female Eaglets
Duck(drake) Duck Duckling
Duck Duck Duckling
Swan Pen Cygnet
Fox(tod’s or reynard’s) Vixen Cubs
Fox Vixen Cub
Tiger Tigress Cub
Bear Sow Cub
Badger(boar) Sow Cub
Lion Lioness Cub
Leopard Leopardess Cub
Cheeta Female Cub
Parrots Hen Chick
Chicken Hen Chick
Reindeer Female Calves
Dolphin(bull) Cows Calves
Giraffe Cow Calves
Whales Cow Calf
Whale Cow Calf
Rhinoceros(bull) Cow Calf
Hippopotas (bull) Cow Calf
Elephant Cow Calf
Cattle Cow Calf
Rabbit Doe Bunny


Common Gender Nouns List

There are some nouns that are both male and female and these nouns are called common gender nouns.


  • Singer
  • Sheep
  • Relative
  • Pupil
  • President
  • Pig
  • Passenger
  • Parent
  • Owner
  • Infant
  • Guest
  • Guardian
  • Friend
  • Deer
  • Dancer
  • Cousin
  • Comrade
  • Companion
  • Child
  • Cattle
  • Cat
  • Bird
  • Baby
  • Teacher
  • Swan
  • Student

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