1000 Vocabulary Words for Kids of Grade 1 – Basic Vocabulary

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Vocabulary words for kids of Grade 1! Here are some basic to advance level vocabulary words for a kid of first-grader, these vocabulary words are essential for a 1st-grade child, some of these words may feel difficult but believe me these all are necessary for a kindergarten kid. They will likely pop up in your child’s books and educational TV programs.

Vocabulary Words for Kids of Grade 1

Abide Able Ablution Abortion Above
Absolution Abuse Accept Accusation Accuse
Acidity Acne Act Actor Actress
Adieu Admire Admit Adopt adopted daughter
adopted son Advise Afternoon Against Age
Ago Agree Aid Ajwain seed Albino
Alkanet root Allspice Almond Alms Always

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Am Among Anchor Anemia Angle
Aniseed Ankle Anorexia Answer Anus
Apocalypse Apostate Apostle Appear Appear
Apple Apply Area Arise Arm
Arm Armour Armpit Arrange Arrest
Arrow Art Asafoetida Ascension Ascetic
Asthma Atheist Attack Attempt Auger
aunt Aunt Author Author Authoress
Authoress Awake Awaken Ax Bachelor
Backbone Bad Bad cold Bake Ball
Banana Bank Base Basil seeds Bay leaf


Bear Bear Bear Beard Beat
Beauty Become Bed Beef Beg
Beget Begin Begin Begin Behave
Behind Behold Belch Believe Believe
Believer Belly Belong Bend Best
Better Between Bid Bind Bird
Bitch Bite Black Black Cardamom Black pepper
Black Salt Black cumin seed Bladder Blame Blind
Blister Blood Blood Blow Blow
Blue Board Boat Body Boil

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Bolt Bone Book Borrow Bosom
Both Bottom Bough Bow Box
Boy Brain bran Bread Break
Break Break one’s fast Breast Breath Bridge of the nose
Bright Bring Broke Bronchitis Brother
brother Brother brother-in-law Brought Brown
Bruise Build Bull Bullet Burn
Burn Bury Busy Butter Butter Milk
Buttocks Call Camel Cancer Cannon
Car Carbage Cardamom Care Carry
Case Cashew nut Cashew-nut Cat Cataract
Catarrh Catch Catridge Cause Cell
Cent Center Century Certain Charge, accusation
Chase Check Cheddar Cheese Cheek cheese
Cherry Chest Child Children Chin
Chisel Cholera Choose Choose Cinnamon
Circle Citric acid City Claim Clap
Clarified Butter Class Clavicle Clean Clear
Cleave Cleaver client Climb Climb


Vocabulary words for Grade 1

Cling Close Clothe Cloud Cloves
Cock Coconut Cold Colf Colic pain
Collect Color Common Compass Complete
Complexion Compulsory Connect Consist Consonant
Constipation Constitution Contain Control Cool
Copy Coriander powder Coriander seed corn-ear Correct
Cost Cottage cheese Cough Count Course
Cousin Cousin Cow Cow Cracked mustard seeds
Crease Create Cromp Cross Crow
Crusade Crush Cry Cue Cumin seed
curd Curd Cure Curry Leaf Custard


Custard apple customer Cut Dagger Daily
Dance Dare Dare Dark Date
Dates daughter Daughter daughter-in-law Dawn
Day Deaf Decade Deceive Decide
Decimal Declare Deep Defeat Depend
Describe Design Destroy Develop Devil
Diabetes Diarrhea Dictionary Die Dig
Dill Direct Director Director Directress
Directress Disappear Disappoint Discuss Distant
Dive Divide Do Dog Dog
Don’t Done Door Drag Draw
Dress Dried fenugreek leaf Dried ginger powder Drill Drink
Drive Drive Drop Drown Dry
Dump Dung During Dysentery Dyspepsia
Ear Ear Ear drum Early Earn


vocabulary words for first grader

Ear-wax Ease East Eat Eat
Eczema Edge Educate Egg Elbow
Else Emblica Gooseberry Emperor Emperor Employ
Empress Empress Enable Energy Engage
Engine Enlarge Enough Enter Epilepsy
Epistaxes Equal Equality Equate Escape
Evening Ever Exact Example Except
Excite Excuse Exercise Exodus Experiment
Eye Eye Eye-ball Eye-brow Eye-lash
Eye-lid Face Fact Fade Fair
Fall Fall Falsa (Grewia) False imputation Family
Far Farm Fast Fast Father
Father Feel Feet Fell Felt
Female Fennel seed Fenugreek Fenugreek seeds Fever
Few Field Fig Fight Figure
File Fill Final Fine Finger
Finish Finish Fire Firmness Fish
Fistula Fit Five Flash Flat
Flatter Flax seeds Flesh Fling flour
Flow Flower flummery Fly Fly
Fold Food-pipe Foot Foot Forbear
Force Fore-arm Fore-finger Fore-head Forest
Forge Forget Forsake Found Four
Fox Fraction Freckle Free Freeze
Friend friend Friend Friend Front
Full Fun Funeral Gain Gall
Gamble Game Garam masala Garden Garden cress seeds
Garlic Gas Gather Gave General
Generous Genuflection Get Giddiness Gild
Ginger Gird Girl Girl Give


Vocabulary words for kids of Grade 1 Vocabulary words for kids of Grade 1


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