4 Verbs that End with U (Complete List)

Verbs that End with U! Verb tenses are an important part of the English language, and understanding them is essential for advanced learners. While some verbs may look identical when written out in isolation, their conjugations can vary greatly based on their usage. Today, we’ll be discussing a select few of these special verb words that end with ‘u’. Not only will this exploration aid your vocabulary, but it’s also just plain interesting to see how far spoken languages have come! Below is a comprehensive list of every single verb that ends with u – so keep reading and explore the amazing nuances behind each one!

verbs that end with u

Verbs Ending in U

Below are some related verbs:

  • thou
  • tabu
  • plateau
  • lu

Popular Verbs That End in U With Meaning

thou: to address someone using the archaic second-person singular pronoun “thou”, usually indicating familiarity or informality.

tabu (or taboo): to prohibit or forbid something or someone from being used, mentioned, or approached due to cultural or religious beliefs or social customs.

plateau: to reach a stable or unchanging level or state, often after a period of growth or progress.

Verbs Ending with U and Example Sentences

  • The poem uses thou instead of you.
  • The book is considered a tabu topic in some cultures.
  • She wants to plateau.
  • I want to lu in the sun on the beach.

5 Letter Verbs Ending In U

  • Vodou
  • Snafu
  • Miaou
  • Fondue

Other Verbs Ending In: