6 Verbs that End with I (Complete List)

Verbs that End with I! The English language is filled with fascinating verb forms, some more common and some more obscure. If you’re looking for an interesting challenge this post is just for you! Here we’ll explore a list of six verbs that end in the letter ā€œiā€.

verbs that end with i

Verbs Ending in I

Below are some related verbs:

  • cancelli
  • ski
  • illuminati
  • pi
  • shanghai
  • taxi

Popular Verbs That End in I With Meaning

  • ski: slide on snow
  • cancelli: ornamental fencing
  • illuminati: enlightened ones
  • pi: mathematical constant
  • shanghai: kidnap for labor
  • taxi: hired vehicle

Verbs Ending with I and Example Sentences

  • I love to ski in the mountains during the winter.
  • They had to cancelli the concert due to bad weather.
  • He illuminati the room with a bright lamp.
  • Can you pi the numbers on your calculator for me?
  • They decided to shanghai the meeting to a different location.
  • We need to taxi to the airport quickly to catch our flight.

5 Letter Verbs Ending In I

  • Wongi
  • Hongi
  • Hikoi
  • Ennui
  • Braai
  • Appui
  • Alibi

Other Verbs Ending In: