10+ Verbs that End with C (Complete List)

Whether you’re a writer, an English teacher, or simply looking to enrich your vocabulary, it’s worth understanding the English language in its entirety. Verbs are integral to any sentence; many can embellish sentences with finesse. From technical terms used by linguists to everyday verbs, we use throughout our conversations, having a thorough understanding of the full range of verbs is essential for anyone hoping to expand their English fluency. In this article, we’ll explore 10+ unique verbs that end with C.

verbs that end with c

Verbs Ending in C

Below are some related verbs:

  • panic
  • physic
  • fabric
  • critic
  • rollic
  • magic
  • traffic
  • bivouac
  • antic
  • limbec
  • frolic
  • mimic
  • enclitic
  • havoc
  • rubric
  • clinic
  • prognostic
  • picnic
  • ecclesiastic
  • zinc

Popular Verbs That End in C With Meaning

  • zinc: metallic element
  • panic: extreme fear
  • physic: medical treatment
  • fabric: material
  • critic: evaluates art
  • rollic: playful
  • magic: supernatural
  • traffic: movement of vehicles
  • bivouac: temporary shelter
  • antic: playful

Verbs Ending with C and Example Sentences

  • The sunscreen I use contains zinc.
  • The news of the accident caused a panic in the neighborhood.
  • The doctor prescribed a physic to help with my headache.
  • The designer will fabric a custom gown for the celebrity to wear to the red carpet event.
  • As a journalist, it’s essential to critic the policies of the government.
  • The children rollic in the grass on a sunny day.
  • The engineers worked together to magic up a solution to the complex problem.
  • The police officer worked hard to traffic the cars away from the accident scene.
  • We decided to bivouac in the woods for the night.
  • During recess, the children loved to antic around on the playground.

5 Letter Verbs Ending In C

  • Panic
  • Music
  • Mimic
  • Magic
  • Lyric
  • Havoc
  • Antic

Other Verbs Ending In: