Universe Plural, What is the Plural of Universe?

Meaning:  the cosmos, all the matters

Plural of Universe

Singular Plural
universe universes

Universe as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The universe is a vast and mysterious place.
  2. Scientists study the origins of the universe.
  3. The astronomer discovered a new galaxy in the universe.
  4. The documentary explored the wonders of the universe.
  5. The philosopher contemplated the meaning of the universe.
  6. The theory suggests the universe is constantly expanding.
  7. The astronaut marveled at the beauty of the universe from space.
  8. The lecture discussed the theories about the age of the universe.
  9. The scientist proposed a new model of the universe.
  10. The artist was inspired by the vastness of the universe.

Universe as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. Theories suggest the existence of multiple universes.
  2. The scientists explored parallel universes in their research.
  3. The concept of alternate universes fascinated science fiction writers.
  4. The theories speculate about the collision of two universes.
  5. The physicist discussed the possibility of a multiverse with multiple universes.
  6. The idea of an infinite number of universes intrigued the philosophers.
  7. The scientists debated the boundaries between different universes.
  8. The discovery challenged the traditional understanding of the universes.
  9. The parallel universes theory has captured public imagination.
  10. The researchers investigated the interactions between neighboring universes.

Singular Possessive of Universe:

The singular possessive form of “Universe” is “Universe’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Universe:

  1. The concept of time is the Universe’s intriguing mystery.
  2. The scientist explored the Universe’s expansion theories.
  3. The philosopher pondered over the Universe’s origins.
  4. The astronomer’s research focused on the Universe’s celestial bodies.
  5. My perception of reality is the Universe’s fascinating realm.
  6. The poet marveled at the Universe’s infinite beauty.
  7. The physicist’s study delved into the Universe’s fundamental laws.
  8. The cosmologist dedicated her life to understanding the Universe’s complexities.
  9. The novelist weaved tales inspired by the Universe’s vastness.
  10. The student contemplated the Universe’s mysteries in awe.

Plural Possessive of Universe:

The plural possessive form of “Universe” is “Universes'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Universe:

  1. The sci-fi writer explored different Universes’ in their novels.
  2. The physicists’ theories proposed the existence of parallel Universes’.
  3. The multiverse theory suggests the presence of multiple Universes’.
  4. The astronomers discovered new galaxies in distant Universes’.
  5. The philosophers debated the nature of alternate Universes’.
  6. The researchers studied the expansion patterns of various Universes’.
  7. The theorists speculated about the interactions between different Universes’.
  8. The cosmologists’ research focused on the birth and death of Universes’.
  9. The science fiction movies depicted thrilling adventures in unknown Universes’.
  10. The concept of a collective consciousness spanned across different Universes’.

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