Example Plural, What is the Plural of Example?

Meaning: a thing characteristic of its kind.

Plural of Example



  • case
  • illustration
  • lesson
  • symbol
  • precedent
  • pattern
  • part
  • object
  • copy
  • citation

Example as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. Let me show you an example of what I mean.
  2. The teacher gave us an example to illustrate the concept.
  3. The book provided a clear example of effective leadership.
  4. His success story is an inspiring example for others.
  5. She set a positive example for her teammates.
  6. The coach used a real-life example to teach a valuable lesson.
  7. The scientist conducted experiments to find a suitable example.
  8. The presenter shared a compelling example to support his argument.
  9. The article included an interesting example of cultural adaptation.
  10. The historian found an ancient artifact as an example of craftsmanship.

Example as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. Let me give you a few examples to illustrate the point.
  2. The speaker shared multiple examples to reinforce her argument.
  3. The textbook provided several real-world examples for better understanding.
  4. The study included numerous examples of successful business strategies.
  5. The article discussed various historical examples of artistic expression.
  6. The professor asked the students to come up with their own examples.
  7. The trainer presented different case examples to analyze and discuss.
  8. The report cited several recent examples of environmental conservation efforts.
  9. The workshop showcased innovative examples of sustainable architecture.
  10. The documentary featured inspiring examples of humanitarian work.

Singular Possessive of Example:

The singular possessive form of “Example” is “Example’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Example:

  1. The speaker used a personal Example’s to illustrate her point.
  2. The teacher provided an Example’s of the correct answer.
  3. The writer included an Example’s of foreshadowing in the story.
  4. The professor explained the concept using an Example’s.
  5. The presenter gave the audience a real-life Example’s to consider.
  6. The trainer demonstrated the exercise’s correct form using an Example’s.
  7. The book provided an Example’s to help clarify the concept.
  8. The article included a scientific Example’s to support the argument.
  9. The parent shared an Example’s of her child’s achievements.
  10. The coach emphasized the importance of setting a positive Example’s.

Plural Possessive of Example:

The plural possessive form of “Example” is “Examples'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Example:

  1. The textbook included the students’ diverse Examples’ from different cultures.
  2. The presentation highlighted the team’s collective Examples’ of success.
  3. The article explored the scientists’ research Examples’ in the field.
  4. The workshop participants shared their personal Examples’ of overcoming challenges.
  5. The anthology featured the poets’ unique Examples’ of poetic styles.
  6. The report included the researchers’ statistical Examples’.
  7. The lesson plan incorporated the students’ creative writing Examples’.
  8. The seminar discussed the business leaders’ strategic Examples’.
  9. The book club members shared their favorite Examples’ of character development.
  10. The case studies presented the lawyers’ compelling Examples’ of legal arguments.

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