Radio Plural, What is the Plural of Radio?

Meaning: reception of waves of radio frequency

Singular and Plural of Radio

Singular Plural
radio radios

Radio as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. She turned on the radio to listen to music.
  2. The news was playing on the car radio.
  3. The radio host interviewed a famous actor.
  4. He adjusted the radio frequency to find a better station.
  5. The talk show on the radio discussed current events.
  6. The weather forecast was announced on the radio.
  7. The emergency broadcast was broadcasted on the radio.
  8. The band’s song was playing on the radio.

Radio as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. We bought two new radios for our home.
  2. The soldiers used handheld radios for communication.
  3. The store sells a variety of portable radios.
  4. The hikers brought small radios to listen to while camping.
  5. The police officers carried radios to coordinate their efforts.
  6. The adventurers packed waterproof radios for their trip.
  7. The truck drivers used their CB radios to communicate.
  8. The construction workers wore headsets connected to their radios.

Singular Possessive of Radio 

The singular possessive form of “Radio” is “Radio’s”. 

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Radio:

  1. Radio’s volume was set at a low level.
  2. I enjoyed listening to Radio’s morning show.
  3. The reception of Radio’s signal was strong.
  4. I adjusted Radio’s frequency to find a station.
  5. Radio’s host interviewed a famous celebrity.
  6. The sound quality of Radio’s speakers was excellent.
  7. Radio’s news bulletin provided updates on current events.
  8. I won tickets to Radio’s concert giveaway.
  9. The batteries in Radio’s portable player needed replacing.
  10. I always tune in to Radio’s weather forecast.

Plural Possessive of Radio 

The plural possessive form of “Radio” is “Radios'”. 

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Radio:

  1. The radios’ antennas were extended for better reception.
  2. I purchased one of the radios’ models on sale.
  3. The radios’ batteries needed to be replaced.
  4. The radios’ frequencies were preprogrammed for convenience.
  5. We listened to the radios’ music playlist during the trip.
  6. The radios’ dials allowed us to switch stations easily.
  7. The radios’ audio quality impressed the audiophiles.
  8. We received updates from different radios’ news channels.
  9. The volume controls on the radios’ front panel were intuitive.
  10. The radios’ displays showed the song titles and artists.

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