Courtesy Plural, What is the plural of Courtesy?

Meaning: the showing of politeness in one’s attitude and behavior towards others.

Plural of COURTESY

Singular Plural
Courtesy Courtesies


  • civility
  • deference
  • generosity
  • ceremony
  • chivalry
  • comity
  • complaisance
  • kindness
  • reverence
  • sympathy
  • address

Courtesy as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. She greeted her guests with warmth and courtesy.
  2. The receptionist welcomed the visitors with a smile and courtesy.
  3. The waiter served the customers with professionalism and courtesy.
  4. The host extended an invitation to the event with courtesy.
  5. The diplomat addressed the audience with grace and courtesy.
  6. The employee treated all customers with respect and courtesy.
  7. The driver showed courtesy by letting the pedestrians cross the street.
  8. The teacher taught the students about the importance of courtesy in communication.
  9. The company’s policy emphasized the value of courtesy in customer service.
  10. The politician responded to criticism with courtesy and composure.

Courtesy as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The attendees at the conference showed mutual courtesies to one another.
  2. The international guests exchanged cultural courtesies during the reception.
  3. The soldiers exchanged courtesies with their foreign counterparts.
  4. The diplomats observed diplomatic courtesies during the negotiation process.
  5. The participants greeted each other with polite courtesies.
  6. The hostess thanked the guests for their attendance and extended her courtesies.
  7. The members of the committee showed mutual respect and courtesies during the meeting.
  8. The society encouraged acts of kindness and courtesies among its members.
  9. The airline staff provided excellent customer service and extended their courtesies.
  10. The guests reciprocated the warm courtesies extended by the host.

Singular Possessive of Courtesy

The singular possessive form of “Courtesy” is “Courtesy’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Courtesy:

  1. Courtesy’s smile brightened the room.
  2. I appreciated Courtesy’s gesture of kindness.
  3. The teacher commended Courtesy’s respectful behavior.
  4. The host extended Courtesy’s invitation to the event.
  5. The diplomat emphasized the importance of Courtesy’s role.
  6. The author acknowledged Courtesy’s influence in society.
  7. Courtesy’s absence was noticed by everyone.
  8. The supervisor recognized Courtesy’s contribution to the team.
  9. The politician’s speech lacked Courtesy’s tactfulness.
  10. Courtesy’s presence made a positive impression.

Plural Possessive of Courtesy

The plural possessive form of “Courtesy” is “Courtesies'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Courtesy:

  1. Courtesies’ smiles brightened the room.
  2. I appreciated Courtesies’ gestures of kindness.
  3. The teachers commended the students’ courtesies’ respectful behavior.
  4. The hosts extended the guests’ courtesies’ invitations to the event.
  5. The diplomats emphasized the importance of diplomatic courtesies’ roles.
  6. The authors acknowledged societal courtesies’ influence.
  7. Courtesies’ absence was noticed by everyone.
  8. The supervisors recognized the team members’ courtesies’ contributions.
  9. The politicians’ speeches lacked courtesies’ tactfulness.
  10. Courtesies’ presence made a positive impression.

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