30+ Slang for Zero (Their Uses & Meanings)

What Does Zero Mean?

Zero is the numerical representation of the absence or null value, often denoted as 0. It serves as the reference point in the number system and signifies the absence of quantity or value.

Slang For Zero

Slang Words for Zero

Here is the list of slang words for Zero:

  1. Zilch
  2. Zip
  3. Nada
  4. Goose egg
  5. Nil
  6. Null
  7. Nought
  8. Bupkis
  9. Diddly-squat
  10. Squat
  11. Love
  12. Oh-fer
  13. Blank
  14. Duck egg
  15. Void
  16. Null and void
  17. Naught
  18. Zippo
  19. Zipperoo
  20. Donut
  21. Bagel
  22. Cipher
  23. Zero-zip
  24. Zeroed out
  25. Flatline
  26. Zero hero
  27. Zed
  28. Sweet F.A.
  29. Nothingburger
  30. Jack

Slang Terms for Zero with Meanings

  1. Zilch: Absolutely nothing.
  2. Zip: None or nothing.
  3. Nada: Nothing (from Spanish).
  4. Goose egg: Zero, especially in sports scores.
  5. Nil: Zero, especially in sports or results.
  6. Null: Zero or nonexistent.
  7. Nought: Zero (British).
  8. Bupkis: Nothing at all, often with a sense of disappointment.
  9. Diddly-squat: Absolutely nothing.
  10. Squat: Nothing.
  11. Love: Zero (used in tennis scores).
  12. Oh-fer: Zero successes.
  13. Blank: Nothing or zero, often in results.
  14. Duck egg: Zero.
  15. Void: Empty or nullified.
  16. Null and void: Invalidated or non-existent.
  17. Naught: Zero.
  18. Zippo: Nothing.
  19. Zipperoo: Absolutely nothing.
  20. Donut: Zero, especially in a context of achievement.
  21. Bagel: Zero, akin to “donut.”
  22. Cipher: Zero.
  23. Zero-zip: Nothing, especially in competitive scores.
  24. Zeroed out: Brought down to zero.
  25. Flatline: Zero or no activity.
  26. Zero hero: Someone proud of not doing something or achieving zero.
  27. Zed: British/Canadian term for the letter ‘Z’, sometimes used for zero.
  28. Sweet F.A.: Little or nothing at all
  29. Nothingburger: A non-event or something insignificant.
  30. Jack: Nothing.

Use of Zero Slangs in Example Sentences

  1. I searched everywhere but found zilch.
  2. After all that effort, we came out with a zip.
  3. We got nada from the meeting; it was pointless.
  4. After three tries, he still scored a goose egg.
  5. The team played well, but the score remained nil.
  6. The data on the hard drive was null after the crash.
  7. The old scoreboard displayed a naught for the visiting team.
  8. I thought we’d find treasure, but we got bupkis.
  9. We know diddly-squat about their plans.
  10. Despite our research, we’ve found squat on the subject.
  11. Serena served so well that her opponent stayed on love.
  12. He’s oh-fer three in his attempts at the goal.
  13. The machine scanned the barcode but drew a blank.
  14. After hours of fishing, all we caught was a duck egg.
  15. The contract was declared void after the breach.
  16. The previous agreement is now null and void.
  17. Despite our hopes, the outcome was naught.
  18. We received zippo feedback on the project.
  19. He promised big results but delivered zipperoo.
  20. Despite studying all night, he scored a donut on the test.
  21. He tried five times to beat the game, but hit a bagel each attempt.
  22. In ancient times, cipher was an important concept in mathematics.
  23. The match ended with the teams at zero-zip.
  24. After paying all the bills, my account was zeroed out.
  25. The patient’s heart began to flatline.
  26. He became a zero hero after boasting about his lack of sugar consumption.
  27. Use the zed key to reset the system.
  28. After the investigation, they found sweet F.A.
  29. The much-hyped event turned out to be a nothingburger.
  30. I asked him for some insight, and he gave me jack.

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