20+ Slang for Big (Their Uses & Meanings)

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What does Big Mean?

“Big” primarily refers to something of considerable size or magnitude. Its origin lies in Old Norse “byggr”, meaning “large.”

Slang For Big

Slang Words for Big

  1. Huge – Extremely large.
  2. Gigantic – Tremendously big.
  3. Massive – Substantial in size.
  4. Enormous – Much larger than usual.
  5. Titanic – Of great magnitude.
  6. Monstrous – Exceedingly large.
  7. Ginormous – Giant and enormous combined.
  8. Humongous – Really large.
  9. Jumbo – Larger than average.
  10. Mammoth – Huge, monumental.
  11. Colossal – Extremely large.
  12. Whopping – Very big.
  13. Hefty – Large and heavy.
  14. Mega – Extremely large.
  15. Supersized – Enlarged version.
  16. Mountainous – Like a mountain.
  17. Brobdingnagian – Extremely large (from Gulliver’s Travels).
  18. Hulking – Big and bulky.
  19. Bulky – Large in volume.
  20. Vast – Very great extent.

Use of Big Slang in Example Sentences

  1. The elephant was huge compared to others.
  2. That mountain looks gigantic from here.
  3. The library had a massive book collection.
  4. The universe is enormous and ever-expanding.
  5. The ship was titanic in its structure.
  6. The dessert was a monstrous chocolate cake.
  7. The new TV is absolutely ginormous!
  8. That burger is humongous; I can’t finish!
  9. They bought a jumbo pack of diapers.
  10. The museum displayed a mammoth skeleton.
  11. The sculpture was colossal in its size.
  12. She won a whopping sum in lottery.
  13. That bag looks hefty; need help carrying?
  14. The concert had mega lights and sound.
  15. The fast food meal was supersized.
  16. His ambition is truly mountainous.
  17. His new house seemed Brobdingnagian to visitors.
  18. The hulking building overshadowed its neighbors.
  19. He wore a bulky winter jacket.
  20. The desert stretches vast before us.

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