30+ Slang for Pills (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Pills Mean?

Pills are small, often round, solid medicinal or nutritional doses that are typically swallowed and designed for easy ingestion and controlled dosing. They come in various forms, including tablets and capsules, and are commonly used to deliver medication or supplements to the body.

Slang For Pills

Slang Words for Pills

Here is the list of slang words for Pills with meanings:

  1. Beans – Small capsules, often ecstasy or MDMA.
  2. Tabs – Short for tablets, often LSD.
  3. Blues – Blue-colored pills, usually valium.
  4. Goofballs – Barbiturates or depressant pills.
  5. Pingers – Ecstasy or MDMA tablets.
  6. Bennies – Benzedrine, a type of amphetamine.
  7. Chill pills – Pills to relax or calm down.
  8. Candies – Sweet-looking, often colorful pills.
  9. Dope – Generic term for drugs, sometimes pills.
  10. Mints – Ecstasy pills resembling candy.
  11. Vitamin R – Ritalin or related stimulants.
  12. Horse pills – Large, often hard to swallow pills.
  13. Gelbies – Gel-based capsules, any drug.
  14. Happy pills – Antidepressants or mood enhancers.
  15. Reds – Barbiturates or sedatives.
  16. Zannies – Short for Xanax or alprazolam.
  17. Dollies – Dolophine, another name for methadone.
  18. Greenies – Amphetamine pills, often Dexedrine.
  19. Pebbles – Small, often round pills.
  20. Dots – Small circular pills or LSD.

Use of Pills Slang in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using the slang term Pills:

  1. I found some beans in his drawer.
  2. He’s always taking those tabs on weekends.
  3. She offered me some blues at the party.
  4. In the 60s, people abused goofballs often.
  5. I heard he’s into pingers these days.
  6. He’s been up all night on bennies.
  7. I think you need to take a chill pill.
  8. They were selling colorful candies at the rave.
  9. How much dope did you buy?
  10. Those mints kept him dancing all night.
  11. She’s been prescribed Vitamin R for focus.
  12. Those horse pills are hard to swallow.
  13. I’ve never seen gelbies like those before.
  14. After his breakup, he needed those happy pills.
  15. She said the reds help her sleep.
  16. Are those zannies prescribed to you?
  17. The clinic provides dollies as a treatment.
  18. Kids in the 70s loved greenies.
  19. Found these pebbles in his car.
  20. Those dots look like candy, be careful.

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