30+ Slang for Underwear (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Underwear Mean?

Underwear refers to clothing worn beneath outer garments, usually in direct contact with the skin. It serves to protect outer clothing from bodily secretions and provides support and comfort to the wearer.

Slang For Underwear

Slang Words for Underwear

Here is the list of slang words for Underwear with meanings:

  1. Undies – General term for underwear.
  2. Briefs – Tight-fitting men’s underwear.
  3. Boxers – Loose men’s underwear shorts.
  4. Thong – Minimal back coverage underwear.
  5. G-string – String-like rear underwear.
  6. Panties – Women’s underwear.
  7. Knickers – British term for panties.
  8. Drawers – Old term for underwear.
  9. Skivvies – Casual term for underwear.
  10. Tighty-whities – White men’s briefs.
  11. BVDs – Brand often used generically.
  12. Jocks – Short for jockstrap.
  13. Grundies – Australian slang for underwear.
  14. Smallclothes – Historical term for underwear.
  15. Bloomers – Loose-fitting women’s underwear.
  16. Lingerie – Fancy or seductive women’s underwear.
  17. Boyshorts – Women’s underwear, resembles shorts.
  18. Commando – Wearing no underwear.
  19. Britches – Old term, pants or underwear.
  20. Unmentionables – Euphemism for underwear.
  21. Bikinis – Brief women’s underwear style.
  22. Cheekies – Semi-revealing women’s underwear.
  23. Hipsters – Sits on the hips underwear.
  24. Long johns – Warm, full-length underwear.
  25. Trunks – Short, square-cut men’s underwear.
  26. Undershorts – Another term for men’s briefs.
  27. Shapewear – Form-fitting, figure-enhancing underwear.
  28. Teddy – Combined bra and panties.
  29. Banana hammock – Slang for men’s thong.
  30. Fundoshi – Traditional Japanese loincloth.

Use of Underwear Slangs in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using slang term of Underwear:

  1. I bought colorful undies on sale today.
  2. He prefers briefs over other styles.
  3. Many find boxers more comfortable.
  4. She wore a red thong today.
  5. A G-string is very minimalistic.
  6. Her panties were lace and pretty.
  7. In the UK, they say knickers.
  8. Grandpa always wore cotton drawers.
  9. Got any clean skivvies to wear?
  10. He only wears tighty-whities.
  11. BVDs were on discount at Macy’s.
  12. Athletes often wear jocks for protection.
  13. He bought new grundies in Sydney.
  14. Aristocrats had fancy smallclothes.
  15. Historical reenactors wear bloomers.
  16. She purchased luxurious lingerie for the event.
  17. Boyshorts offer more coverage.
  18. Some days, she goes commando.
  19. Pull up your britches, young man!
  20. Let’s not discuss our unmentionables now.
  21. Bikinis are great for summer dresses.
  22. Cheekies show a bit of cheek.
  23. Hipsters are my favorite style.
  24. In winter, I wear long johns.
  25. He switched to wearing trunks recently.
  26. His undershorts are always colorful.
  27. Shapewear made her dress fit perfectly.
  28. The teddy was satin and elegant.
  29. That banana hammock is too revealing!
  30. Sumo wrestlers wear a fundoshi.

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