20+ Slang for Clothing (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Clothing Mean?

Clothing refers to garments or items worn on the body for protection, adornment, and cultural expression. Its origin dates back to prehistoric times when early humans used natural materials to cover themselves for practical and social purposes.

Slang For Clothing

Slang Words for Clothing

  1. Threads: Cool, stylish clothes.
  2. Kicks: Shoes, typically sneakers.
  3. Togs: General clothing or attire.
  4. Duds: Clothes, especially fancy ones.
  5. Fit: Outfit or ensemble of clothes.
  6. Grails: Highly sought-after pieces of clothing.
  7. Lid: A hat or cap.
  8. Frock: A dress or gown.
  9. Rags: Clothes, usually casual.
  10. Sneaks: Sneakers or casual shoes.
  11. Jeansies: Jeans, typically trendy ones.
  12. Bling: Jewelry, especially shiny or flashy.
  13. Heels: High-heeled shoes.
  14. Tee: T-shirt.
  15. Shades: Sunglasses.
  16. Pantsies: Pants, usually in a playful context.
  17. Blousey: A blouse or top.
  18. Jacketing: Wearing a jacket.
  19. Slacks: Casual trousers.
  20. Brogues: Classic leather shoes, often with patterns.

Use of Clothing Slang in Example Sentences

  1. I love your new threads!
  2. Those kicks look expensive.
  3. Put on some togs for the party.
  4. Wearing your best duds tonight?
  5. That’s a sharp fit for the event.
  6. I finally got my grails from that boutique.
  7. Wear a lid; it’s sunny out.
  8. She looks elegant in that frock.
  9. Just throw on some rags and join us.
  10. Are those sneaks limited edition?
  11. I got new jeansies for the trip.
  12. That bling around your neck is stunning.
  13. Those heels make her taller.
  14. Is that a designer tee?
  15. Her shades are super trendy.
  16. These pantsies are super comfortable.
  17. I love your silk blousey.
  18. He’s jacketing up for the cold.
  19. Got any slacks for the interview?
  20. His brogues are vintage.

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