20+ Slang for London (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does London Mean?

London is the capital city of the United Kingdom, renowned for its historical significance, cultural diversity, and economic prominence. It serves as a global hub for finance, arts, fashion, and tourism.

Slang For London

Slang Words for London

Here is the list of slang words for London with meanings:

  1. LDN: The abbreviated form of London.
  2. The Smoke: Refers to London’s historical smog.
  3. Big L: A playful nickname for London.
  4. The Big Smoke: Another reference to London’s smoky past.
  5. Londontown: A formal and affectionate term for London.
  6. L-Town: An informal abbreviation of London.
  7. The Capital: Direct reference to London’s status.
  8. The City: Used to refer to London’s financial district.
  9. Old Blighty: An old term referring to England, often London.
  10. Queen’s Land: A playful nod to the monarchy.
  11. Londinium: Referring to London’s ancient Roman name.
  12. Blighty: Another term for England, frequently London.
  13. The Metrop: Short for Metropolis, referencing London’s urban sprawl.
  14. Lunny: A casual, playful abbreviation.
  15. Thames’ Pride: Referring to London’s location by the River Thames.
  16. Cockney Land: Referring to the traditional working-class Londoners.
  17. The Square Mile: The original city of London.
  18. Brit Capital: A direct hint at London being UK’s capital.
  19. L-Dizzle: A fun, playful twist on London.
  20. The Old City: Emphasizing London’s ancient history.

Use of London Slang in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using slang terms of London:

  1. I’m heading to LDN for a week.
  2. Did you visit The Smoke last summer?
  3. I have a meeting in Big L tomorrow.
  4. The Big Smoke always has a vibrant nightlife.
  5. I love the vibe of Londontown in the autumn.
  6. Let’s meet up in L-Town this weekend.
  7. The Capital has some amazing historical sites.
  8. I work in The City, near the banks.
  9. Old Blighty holds a special place in my heart.
  10. We toured Queen’s Land last year.
  11. The history of Londinium is truly fascinating.
  12. I’ve got relatives in Blighty to visit.
  13. The Metrop is always bustling with activities.
  14. Lunny has some great food spots.
  15. The view of Thames’ Pride is stunning at night.
  16. We took a tour through Cockney Land.
  17. My office is right in The Square Mile.
  18. Brit Capital is a must-visit for tourists.
  19. Planning a trip to L-Dizzle next month.
  20. Museums in The Old City are rich in artifacts.

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