20+ Slang for New York (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does New York Mean?

“New York” refers to a state in the northeastern United States, known for its iconic city, New York City. It’s a global hub for culture, finance, and entertainment, characterized by its diverse population and iconic landmarks.

Slang For New York

Slang Words for New York

Here is the list of slang words for New York with meanings:

  1. The Big Apple – New York City’s famous nickname.
  2. Gotham – Another moniker for NYC, from old literature.
  3. The City – Refers to New York City specifically.
  4. NYC – Acronym for New York City.
  5. The Empire State – Nickname for the state of New York.
  6. The Capital of the World – Refers to NYC’s global influence.
  7. The Five Boroughs – The combined areas of NYC.
  8. Nueva York – Spanish name for New York.
  9. The Melting Pot – Referring to NYC’s diverse population.
  10. Metropolis – A name highlighting NYC’s urban magnitude.
  11. The Concrete Jungle – NYC’s urban landscape.
  12. City That Never Sleeps – Highlighting NYC’s 24/7 activity.
  13. 212 – Area code, often representing Manhattan.
  14. The City of Dreams – Referring to NYC’s opportunities.
  15. NY – Abbreviation for both New York City and state.
  16. Boroughs – The individual districts of NYC.
  17. Rotten Apple – A more cynical term for NYC.
  18. The Modern Gomorrah – Referring to NYC’s hedonistic reputation.
  19. Yankee Town – Referring to the city’s baseball legacy.
  20. The Center of the Universe – Acknowledging NYC’s prominence.

Use of New York Slang in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using slang terms of New York:

  1. I visited The Big Apple last summer.
  2. Batman is said to protect Gotham.
  3. Let’s head to The City for the weekend.
  4. I’ve got a friend living in NYC.
  5. He’s from upstate, The Empire State.
  6. Many people view it as The Capital of the World.
  7. We toured all The Five Boroughs.
  8. Many Latin artists sing about Nueva York.
  9. The Melting Pot is home to many cultures.
  10. Superman saves Metropolis daily.
  11. Skyscrapers dominate the Concrete Jungle.
  12. Indeed, it’s the City That Never Sleeps.
  13. Got a call from the 212 yesterday.
  14. Many move there, chasing the City of Dreams.
  15. I’ve got family in NY.
  16. Each of the Boroughs has its unique charm.
  17. Critics sometimes call it the Rotten Apple.
  18. Historians have likened it to The Modern Gomorrah.
  19. Yankee Town is proud of its baseball heritage.
  20. Some say it feels like The Center of the Universe when you’re there.

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