30+ Slang for Toilet (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Toilet Mean?

A “toilet” is a fixture used for the disposal or collection of human urine and feces. It is also commonly referred to as a lavatory or WC (water closet).

Slang For Toilet

Slang Words for Toilet

Here is the list of slang words for Toilet with meanings:

  1. John – Standard toilet, often in homes.
  2. Loo – British term for toilet.
  3. Potty – Informal word, often for kids.
  4. Privy – Old term, outdoor toilet.
  5. Can – Casual term, often public.
  6. Crapper – Playful, named after Thomas Crapper.
  7. Throne – Playful term, like a king’s seat.
  8. Bog – British informal term.
  9. Head – Nautical term, ship’s toilet.
  10. Latrine – Military or camping term.
  11. Powder room – Polite term, usually for women.
  12. Facilities – Indirect, general term.
  13. Restroom – Common in public places.
  14. Lav – Short for lavatory.
  15. Privies – Older term, often outdoors.
  16. C. – Stands for “water closet”.
  17. Khazi – British slang term.
  18. Dunny – Australian slang for toilet.
  19. Netty – Northeast England slang.
  20. Bathroom – In homes, not always accurate.
  21. Comfort station – Polite, public facilities.
  22. Outhouse – Outdoor, standalone structure.
  23. Little boys’/girls’ room – Euphemistic, often for kids.
  24. Porcelain throne – Playful, referencing toilet material.
  25. Gents/Ladies – Referring to public restrooms.
  26. Pot – Casual, akin to potty.
  27. Lavvy – Another form of lavatory.
  28. Honey bucket – Euphemistic, sometimes portable.
  29. Biffy – Informal, origins unclear.
  30. Commode – Older term, sometimes antique.

Use of Toilet Slang in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using the slang term Toilet:

  1. I need to clean the John today.
  2. Where’s the nearest Loo in here?
  3. The toddler needs the Potty right now.
  4. They still use a Privy at the cabin.
  5. The concert’s Can was so crowded!
  6. The old house has a wooden Crapper.
  7. I spent too long on the Throne.
  8. It’s urgent; where’s the Bog?
  9. Sailors use the Head during long voyages.
  10. The campsite has a communal Latrine.
  11. May I use your Powder room?
  12. The park has Facilities for public use.
  13. She went to the Restroom to freshen up.
  14. Quick, point me to the nearest Lav!
  15. In old times, Privies were common outdoors.
  16. The W.C. sign is visible from here.
  17. The old pub had a rickety Khazi.
  18. Out in the bush, there’s a Dunny.
  19. In Newcastle, they call it the Netty.
  20. After dinner, he went to the Bathroom.
  21. Tourist spots have several Comfort stations.
  22. The old farm has an Outhouse behind.
  23. She took her daughter to the Little girls’ room.
  24. I dropped my phone in the Porcelain throne!
  25. Upstairs, you’ll find the Ladies and Gents.
  26. The studio apartment has a small Pot.
  27. The local dialect calls it a Lavvy.
  28. They use a Honey bucket at the festival.
  29. Camping often requires a portable Biffy.
  30. My grandmother had an ornate Commode.

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