20+ Slang for Drink (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Drink Mean?

“Drink” refers to a liquid substance consumed by humans for nourishment, refreshment, or enjoyment. Its origin can be traced back to Old English “drincan,” indicating the act of imbibing fluids, often water or other beverages.

Slang For Drink

Slang Words for Drink

  1. H2O – Standard formula for water
  2. Aqua – Latin word for water
  3. Liquid courage – Alcoholic drink, boosts confidence
  4. Brewski – Casual term for beer
  5. Guzzle – Drinking something quickly
  6. Sip – Taking a small drink
  7. Chug – Drinking a lot fast
  8. Splash – Small amount of liquid
  9. Potion – Mystical or medicinal drink
  10. Grog – Any alcoholic beverage
  11. Nectar – Something sweet or delightful
  12. Juice – Liquid extracted from fruits
  13. Pop – North American term for soda
  14. Fizz – Bubbly or carbonated drink
  15. Suds – Informal term for beer
  16. Tonic – Medicinal or restorative drink
  17. Draft – Beer served from a keg
  18. Libation – Drink offered to a deity
  19. Elixir – Magical or medicinal potion
  20. Swig – Taking a big gulp

Use of Drink Slang in Example Sentences

  1. Pass me some H2O after the workout.
  2. I could really use some aqua right now.
  3. He took some liquid courage before the performance.
  4. How about a cold brewski tonight?
  5. She’s known to guzzle her drinks.
  6. Just take a quick sip and see.
  7. They had a chug contest at the party.
  8. Just a splash of milk, please.
  9. The witch brewed a powerful potion.
  10. Grab a bottle of grog for the evening.
  11. This honey is like pure nectar!
  12. I prefer apple juice in the morning.
  13. Do you want a can of pop?
  14. The fizz in soda always tickles my nose.
  15. Bring a six-pack of suds to the game.
  16. Grandma always had her herbal tonic.
  17. I’ll have a draft beer, please.
  18. The ritual required a libation to the gods.
  19. Seek the elixir of eternal youth!
  20. He took a swig from the water bottle.

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