30+ Slang for Street (Their Uses & Meanings)

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What does Street Mean?

“Street” refers to a public road in a city or town, often with buildings on either side. It’s a thoroughfare used for travel and often a hub of urban activity.

Slang For Street

Slang Words for Street

Here is the list of slang words for Street with meanings:

  1. Ave – Short for Avenue, a roadway.
  2. Blvd – Short for boulevard, a wide street.
  3. – Abbreviation for street.
  4. Lane – Narrow roadway in town or country.
  5. Roadie – Casual term for a road.
  6. Main drag – Primary or most active street.
  7. Backstreet – Lesser-known, often quiet street.
  8. Alley – Narrow passageway between buildings.
  9. Thoroughfare – Main road or public highway.
  10. Block – A city block or streets surrounding it.
  11. Cul-de-sac – Street ending in a circular space.
  12. Sidestreet – A less-traveled street off a main one.
  13. Highway – Major public road, typically connecting cities.
  14. Path – A way or track made for walking.
  15. Esplanade – Long, open, level area, often next to a river or sea.
  16. Promenade – Place for walking, especially in public areas.
  17. Row – Street with a line of houses.
  18. Drive – Road in a park or residential area.
  19. Way – Road or path.
  20. Terrace – A street, especially on the side of a hill.

Use of Street Slang in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using the slang term Street:

  1. We met at the Ave near the park.
  2. The cinema is on the Blvd.
  3. I live on Maple .
  4. We took a stroll down the Lane.
  5. The scenic Roadie offers beautiful views.
  6. The cafe is on the Main drag.
  7. We found a cafe on a quiet Backstreet.
  8. The cat disappeared into the Alley.
  9. It’s the busiest Thoroughfare in town.
  10. I’ll meet you at the Block
  11. Their house is at the end of a Cul-de-sac.
  12. Park in the Sidestreet for cheaper rates.
  13. The Highway was surprisingly empty.
  14. The forest Path is breathtaking.
  15. We sat on the Esplanade watching the sunset.
  16. They held hands on the Promenade.
  17. Their house is on Elm Row.
  18. The scenic Drive is a popular spot.
  19. This is the quickest Way
  20. He lives on Hillside Terrace.

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