30+ Slang for Steal (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Steal Mean?

“Steal” is a verb that means to take someone else’s property without permission or legal right. It often implies doing so secretly or without the owner’s knowledge.

Slang For Steal

Slang Words for Steal

Here is the list of slang words for Steal with meanings:

  1. Lift: Take without permission.
  2. Swipe: Quickly grab and take.
  3. Pinch: Stealthily take something small.
  4. Nab: Grab or capture suddenly.
  5. Nick: British term for stealing.
  6. Yoink: Humorous sound for grabbing.
  7. Boost: Steal, often from stores.
  8. Snatch: Grab quickly or eagerly.
  9. Pilfer: Steal in small amounts.
  10. Liberate: Steal with jest or irony.
  11. Poach: Take another’s property/idea.
  12. Heist: Rob, especially a bank.
  13. Jack: Take something, especially forcibly.
  14. Borrow: Take without intending return.
  15. Snipe: Quickly grab or snatch.
  16. Hustle: Obtain by forceful action.
  17. Gank: Steal, often in gaming.
  18. Rip: Steal or take off.
  19. Jug: Rob or take unlawfully.
  20. Rook: Cheat or swindle someone.
  21. Bilk: Cheat someone out of.
  22. Skim: Take money off the top.
  23. Stick: Rob using a weapon.
  24. Five-finger discount: Shoplifting.
  25. Fleece: Take money unfairly.
  26. Clean out: Rob all of someone’s belongings.
  27. Pluck: Take with ease.
  28. Mug: Rob by threatening violence.
  29. Knock off: Steal or produce imitation.
  30. Rustle: Steal livestock, especially cattle.

Use of Steal Slang in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using the slang term Steal :

  1. I saw him lift the chocolate bar.
  2. She tried to swipe the last cookie.
  3. Did you just pinch my pen?
  4. They managed to nab the thief quickly.
  5. He’ll nick anything that’s not tied down.
  6. I’ll just yoink this for later use.
  7. Some teens might boost clothes for fun.
  8. She managed to snatch the deal.
  9. Why would you pilfer office supplies?
  10. Just liberate a chair from the next room.
  11. She’s known to poach ideas at work.
  12. The gang planned a major heist tomorrow.
  13. Someone might jack your phone in crowds.
  14. Can I borrow your shoes for today?
  15. She tried to snipe the auction item.
  16. He’d hustle wallets from unsuspecting tourists.
  17. In the game, players would often gank loot.
  18. Did she just rip that tag off?
  19. Some scammers tried to jug her online.
  20. Con artists will rook the gullible.
  21. They attempted to bilk him at the bar.
  22. Corrupt managers might skim company profits.
  23. He threatened to stick up the store.
  24. She used a five-finger discount for makeup.
  25. The mechanic tried to fleece him yesterday.
  26. Thieves cleaned out the entire jewelry store.
  27. It’s easy to pluck apples from low branches.
  28. They tried to mug him near the alley.
  29. Why would you knock off a designer brand?
  30. Ranchers dealt with those who’d rustle their cattle.

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