30+ Slang for Drums (Their Uses & Meanings)

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What does Drums Mean?

Drums are percussion instruments that produce sound when struck with sticks, mallets, or hands. They are often used for rhythm in music.

Slang For Drums

Slang Words for Drums

  1. Tubs – Reference to drum kit.
  2. Skins – Drumheads or the actual drums.
  3. Trap set – Traditional drum kit.
  4. Beat box – Often means a drum machine.
  5. Sticks – Drumsticks used to play.
  6. Kick – The bass drum.
  7. Snare – The drum with wire strands.
  8. Tom – Cylindrical drum, no snares.
  9. Cymbals – Metallic discs, produce sound.
  10. Hi-hat – Pair of cymbals on stand.
  11. Rimshot – Stick hits rim and drumhead.
  12. Groove – Rhythmic pattern or feel.
  13. Chops – Drumming technique/skill.
  14. Breaks – Short drum solos/interruptions.
  15. Shedding – Practicing hard on drums.
  16. Licks – Short, impressive drum sequences.
  17. Ghost notes – Soft, almost unheard hits.
  18. Pocket – Groove’s comfortable rhythmic space.
  19. Fill – Brief drumming that “fills” space.
  20. Kit – Short for drum set.

 Use of Drums Slang in Example Sentences

  1. Check out my new tubs at home.
  2. Those skins need a bit of tuning.
  3. I prefer playing the trap set
  4. He’s using a beat box for that track.
  5. My sticks broke during the performance.
  6. The kick sounds really deep tonight.
  7. Adjust the snare for a crisper sound.
  8. Add more tom rolls in this section.
  9. The cymbals shimmered under the stage lights.
  10. Open the hi-hat for this funky bit.
  11. That was a loud rimshot right there!
  12. I love the groove he’s laying down.
  13. Her chops have significantly improved recently.
  14. Those breaks added flair to the song.
  15. He’s shedding daily to get better.
  16. Show off some new licks
  17. Those ghost notes added subtle depth.
  18. Stay in the pocket for tighter sound.
  19. That was a sweet fill before chorus.
  20. Your kit looks fantastic on that stage.

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