20+ Slang for Gossip (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Gossip Mean?

Gossip refers to the casual or unconstrained conversation about other people, often involving details that are not confirmed as true. It can range from sharing trivial information to spreading rumors and can have both benign and malicious intent.

Slang For Gossip

Slang Words for Gossip

  1. Chatter: Light, trivial talk.
  2. Buzz: Excited talk or rumors.
  3. Yap: Endless talk.
  4. Scoop: Inside information.
  5. 411: Information or news.
  6. Tea: The latest news.
  7. Dish: To share gossip.
  8. Natter: Prolonged, trivial talk.
  9. Gab: Casual conversation.
  10. Tattle: Reporting others’ actions.
  11. Lowdown: Essential information.
  12. Blab: Reveal secrets.
  13. Spill: To share secrets.
  14. Juice: Exciting information.
  15. Jibber-jabber: Worthless or nonsensical talk.
  16. Babble: Talk rapidly, incoherently.
  17. Rumor mill: Source of rumors.
  18. Schmooze: Networking or flattery talk.
  19. Whisper: Soft-spoken rumor.
  20. Fuzz: Unclear information.

Use of Gossip Slang in Example Sentences

  1. We had a bit of chatter about her new job.
  2. There’s a lot of buzz around his promotion.
  3. She won’t stop her yap about the party.
  4. He gave me the scoop on the new project.
  5. Do you have the 411 on their breakup?
  6. She spilled the tea on her new relationship.
  7. Let’s dish about the weekend plans.
  8. We had a long natter about nothing in particular.
  9. Their lunchtime gab is hard to ignore.
  10. Tim will tattle if he finds out.
  11. What’s the lowdown on the new manager?
  12. She’ll blab if you’re not careful.
  13. He’s going to spill during the meeting.
  14. Give me the juice on the office party.
  15. Enough with the jibber-jabber, get to the point.
  16. She tends to babble when she’s nervous.
  17. The rumor mill has been busy.
  18. He knows how to schmooze at networking events.
  19. The whisper is she might resign.
  20. I got some fuzz on the merger, but it’s not clear.

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