20+ Slang for Angry (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Angry Mean?

“Angry” is an emotional state characterized by feelings of strong displeasure, frustration, or hostility. It often involves a heightened physiological response, such as increased heart rate, tense muscles, and changes in facial expression. Anger can arise from various triggers and can vary in intensity from mild irritation to intense rage.

Slang For Angry

Slang Words for Angry

Here is the list of slang words for Angry:

  1. Pissed
  2. Livid
  3. Fuming
  4. Steamed
  5. Riled up
  6. Ticked off
  7. Irate
  8. Mad as hell
  9. Bent out of shape
  10. Hot under the collar
  11. In a huff
  12. Seeing red
  13. Burned up
  14. Peeved
  15. Chafed
  16. Miffed
  17. Vexed
  18. Aggro (short for aggressive)
  19. Spitting chips
  20. In a snit

Slang Terms for Angry with Meanings

  1. Pissed: Really upset or annoyed.
  2. Livid: Extremely angry.
  3. Fuming: Very angered, steaming.
  4. Steamed: Seriously angered.
  5. Riled up: Provoked to anger.
  6. Ticked off: Annoyed or irritated.
  7. Irate: Highly angered.
  8. Mad as hell: Extremely angry.
  9. Bent out of shape: Greatly upset.
  10. Hot under the collar: Very annoyed.
  11. In a huff: Upset, miffed.
  12. Seeing red: Extremely angered.
  13. Burned up: Highly irritated.
  14. Peeved: Mildly annoyed.
  15. Chafed: Irritated, vexed.
  16. Miffed: Mildly upset.
  17. Vexed: Annoyed, frustrated.
  18. Aggro: Aggressive or irritated.
  19. Spitting chips: Extremely annoyed.
  20. In a snit: Mildly upset.

Use of Angry Slang in Example Sentences

  1. She was pissed about the schedule change.
  2. After the argument, he was totally livid.
  3. She’s been fuming about that comment all day.
  4. He got all steamed over a minor error.
  5. The news got him riled up instantly.
  6. I was ticked off by the delay.
  7. He became irate over the missed call.
  8. After hearing the rumor, she was mad as hell.
  9. He’s all bent out of shape over nothing.
  10. He was hot under the collar at the meeting.
  11. She stormed off, clearly in a huff.
  12. After seeing the damage, he was seeing red.
  13. She felt burned up about the unfair decision.
  14. He was peeved about the last-minute changes.
  15. The rude comment left him chafed.
  16. I’m a bit miffed you forgot my birthday.
  17. The constant noise left her feeling vexed.
  18. His behavior was unnecessarily aggro at the game.
  19. After the failed deal, he was spitting chips.
  20. She was in a snit over the seating arrangement.

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