20+ Slang for Enemy (Their Uses & Meanings)

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What does Enemy mean?

An enemy is an individual or group that poses a threat, hostility, or harm. This opposition can exist in various contexts such as war, competition, or personal conflicts.

Slang For Enemy

Slang Words for Enemy

  1. Foe: Opponent or adversary.
  2. Nemesis: Arch-enemy, ultimate rival.
  3. Rival: Competing against you.
  4. Hater: Someone openly critical.
  5. Antagonist: Opposer in a conflict.
  6. Baddie: Villain or evil person.
  7. Snitch: Informant or tattletale.
  8. Backstabber: Betrays trust secretly.
  9. Buzzkill: Ruins a good mood.
  10. Wannabe: Poser; fakes being something.
  11. Troll: Online harasser or agitator.
  12. Scrub: Inferior opponent; not skilled.
  13. Jerk: Mean-spirited, selfish person.
  14. Copycat: Mimics you annoyingly.
  15. Debby Downer: Always pessimistic.
  16. Griefer: Deliberately ruins online games.
  17. Lurker: Stalks or observes secretly.
  18. Pretender: Fakes status or identity.
  19. Shade-Thrower: Insults subtly or indirectly.
  20. Saboteur: Undermines or disrupts.

Use of Enemy Slang in Example Sentences

  1. We’ll beat our foe in the championship.
  2. Batman finally confronted his nemesis, the Joker.
  3. She defeated her rival in the contest.
  4. Don’t let the haters bring you down.
  5. He’s the antagonist in this story.
  6. She beat the baddie in the video game.
  7. I can’t believe he’s a snitch.
  8. Watch out for that backstabber at work.
  9. He’s such a buzzkill at parties.
  10. She’s just a wannabe, ignore her.
  11. Don’t feed the troll online.
  12. We easily won; they were all scrubs.
  13. No one likes working with that jerk.
  14. He’s nothing but a copycat artist.
  15. Don’t invite her; she’s a Debby Downer.
  16. A griefer ruined the whole match.
  17. Stop being a lurker and participate.
  18. He’s just a pretender, not a real expert.
  19. She’s a professional shade-thrower.
  20. The saboteur wrecked the project.

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