50+ Slang for Vagina (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Vagina Mean?

The vagina is a muscular canal in female mammals that connects the external genitals to the uterus. It serves several functions, including the passage for menstrual flow and childbirth.

Slang For Vagina

Slang Words for Vagina

Here is the list of slang words for Vagina with meanings:

  1. Box – Square-like, representing female genitals.
  2. Lady bits – Polite, feminine private parts.
  3. Hoo-ha – Light-hearted, playful genital term.
  4. Va-jay-jay – Playful, made famous by TV.
  5. Muff – Furry reference, female genitalia.
  6. Cookie – Sweet, female intimate part.
  7. Twat – A bit rude, female genital.
  8. Coochie – Playful, female private area.
  9. Snatch – Crude, female reproductive organ.
  10. Kitty – Cute, feline-like genital reference.
  11. Beaver – Animal name, hairy connotation.
  12. Flower – Delicate, female organ symbolism.
  13. Honey pot – Sweet, female intimate region.
  14. Yoni – Sanskrit origin, sacred space.
  15. Poon – Casual, female genital reference.
  16. Bits – General, nondescript intimate areas.
  17. Taco – Shaped like, female genitalia.
  18. Lady garden – Playful, pubic hair reference.
  19. Peach – Fruit symbolism, female parts.
  20. Pussy – Cat connotation, female genitalia.
  21. Chuff – British slang, female private parts.
  22. Fanny – UK: female genitals; US: buttocks.
  23. Minge – UK slang, female private parts.
  24. Nether regions – Below the waist, private.
  25. Clam – Closed, sea creature reference.
  26. Hole – Direct, female opening reference.
  27. Tunnel – Direct, elongated opening reference.
  28. Lady flower – Delicate, feminine organ symbolism.
  29. Wazoo – Informal, female genitalia.
  30. Cha-cha – Playful, female genital reference.
  31. Cave – Hollow space, female anatomy.
  32. Gash – Crude, female genital slang.
  33. Poonani – Light-hearted, female genitalia.
  34. Slit – Thin opening, female reference.
  35. Ditch – Crude, female anatomy slang.
  36. Pudenda – Medical term, external genitals.
  37. Choo-choo – Playful, train-like sound.
  38. Privates – General, non-specific genital reference.
  39. Goods – What’s owned, intimate areas.
  40. Junk – General, body parts reference.
  41. Lady parts – Respectful, female anatomy.
  42. Naughty bits – Playful, intimate body parts.
  43. Pink parts – Color reference, female genitalia.
  44. Tink – Cute, playful slang.
  45. Lady cave – Playful, female anatomy reference.
  46. Nookie – Intimate act, genital reference.
  47. Downtown – Below the waist, genital area.
  48. Business – What’s private, intimate parts.
  49. Thing – Vague, female genital reference.
  50. Pocket – Hollow space, female genitalia.

Use of Vagina Slangs in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using the slang term Vagina:

  1. She felt an itch near her box.
  2. She wears lace for her lady bits.
  3. The bikini showed more hoo-ha than expected.
  4. She laughed about her va-jay-jay on TV.
  5. She bought cream for her muff.
  6. Keep your hands off my cookie.
  7. She felt pain in her twat.
  8. That razor is for my coochie.
  9. Her dress almost revealed her snatch.
  10. The cat resembles a furry kitty.
  11. Some razors target the beaver specifically.
  12. She used petals to symbolize her flower.
  13. Honey dripped near her honey pot.
  14. Yoga focuses on the yoni sometimes.
  15. Her skirt hid her poon well.
  16. She felt cold on her bits.
  17. The joke was about a spicy taco.
  18. She groomed her lady garden regularly.
  19. The emoji resembles a peach.
  20. The kitten reminded her of pussy.
  21. It was a joke about her chuff.
  22. In the UK, fanny has another meaning.
  23. She made a joke about her minge.
  24. Tattoos adorned her nether regions.
  25. She mentioned a pearl in the clam.
  26. Avoid getting ink near the hole.
  27. She compared it to a tunnel.
  28. Her artwork symbolized the lady flower.
  29. The comedian joked about the wazoo.
  30. Dance like nobody sees your cha-cha.
  31. Darkness is like a deep cave.
  32. That comment about her gash was rude.
  33. The song had a poonani lyric.
  34. The cut resembled a tiny slit.
  35. She joked about the muddy ditch.
  36. She learned about pudenda in class.
  37. She giggled about her choo-choo.
  38. Sunburn can reach the privates too.
  39. Showed him some of her goods.
  40. Her swimsuit hid all the junk.
  41. The soap is for lady parts.
  42. She mentioned her naughty bits in jest.
  43. The lingerie highlighted her pink parts.
  44. The toddler called it her tink.
  45. She joked about the lady cave.
  46. They whispered about getting some nookie.
  47. Tattoos went all the way downtown.
  48. She minds her own business.
  49. Don’t touch her thing without consent.
  50. Her jeans pocketed her pocket neatly.

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