20+ Slang for Narcotics (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Narcotics Mean?

“Narcotics” are substances, often derived from opium or synthetic sources that affect the central nervous system and are used medically for pain relief but also have the potential for abuse due to their sedative and euphoric effects. They encompass opioids and related drugs with therapeutic and illicit applications.

Slang For Narcotics

Slang Words for Narcotics

Here is the list of slang words for Narcotics with meanings:

  1. Dope: General term for drugs, often marijuana.
  2. Grass: Refers primarily to marijuana.
  3. H: Short for heroin.
  4. Molly: MDMA or ecstasy.
  5. Ice: Methamphetamine or crystal meth.
  6. Blow: Cocaine, often in powdered form.
  7. Trees: Another term for marijuana.
  8. Roofies: Street name for Rohypnol.
  9. Lucy: Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD).
  10. K: Refers to ketamine.
  11. Bennies: Benzedrine; a type of amphetamine.
  12. Blunt: Marijuana cigar.
  13. Candy: Refers to a variety of pills.
  14. Snow: Another term for cocaine.
  15. Tabs: Typically means LSD tabs.
  16. Smack: Slang for heroin.
  17. Green: Another term mainly for marijuana.
  18. Rocks: Crack cocaine, due to its appearance.
  19. Yayo: Slang for cocaine.
  20. Zonked: Extremely high or drugged.

Use of Narcotics Slang in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using slang term of Narcotics:

  1. She’s been acting weird since she tried dope.
  2. I found some grass in his room yesterday.
  3. He’s been struggling to quit H for years.
  4. They took Molly at the music festival.
  5. My neighbor got arrested for selling Ice.
  6. There was a bag of blow on the table.
  7. He loves listening to reggae and smoking trees.
  8. Always be careful; someone could slip roofies in drinks.
  9. She experienced vivid hallucinations after taking Lucy.
  10. Clubs sometimes have people selling K.
  11. He used bennies to stay awake during finals.
  12. They sat in the park, sharing a blunt.
  13. Teenagers might not even know what the candy really contains.
  14. The rapper mentioned snow in his latest track.
  15. He bought some tabs for the weekend trip.
  16. Smack addiction is a serious issue in some cities.
  17. They grew green in their backyard.
  18. The streets are dangerous with people pushing rocks.
  19. Dealers were caught with kilos of yayo in their car.
  20. After the party, everyone was completely zonked.

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