20+ Slang for Royalty (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Royalty Mean?

Royalty refers to individuals of royal rank or status, typically members of a royal family or monarchy, who hold hereditary or ceremonial power and privileges within a specific realm or territory. It can also denote a payment or fee made to the owner of intellectual property, such as books or music, for the use or reproduction of their work.

Slang For Royalty

Slang Words for Royalty

Here is the list of slang words for Royalty with meanings:

  1. Kingpin – A chief or leader in an organization.
  2. Bigwig – An important person in a group or family.
  3. Majesty – Used humorously for someone acting superior.
  4. Highness – Mockingly refers to someone acting aloof.
  5. Top dog – The leader or best in a group.
  6. Queen bee – A dominant woman in a group.
  7. MVP – Most valuable player, best of the best.
  8. Boss – A person in control or with authority.
  9. Head honcho – The main person in charge.
  10. Captain – Informally refers to a leader or chief.
  11. Numero uno – Number one, the best or most important.
  12. Prime – The best quality or top rank.
  13. Crown – Used for someone at the top position.
  14. Ace – Someone who excels at something.
  15. Lion – A dominant person, especially in a group.
  16. Monarch – Playful term for someone in charge.
  17. Champ – Short for champion, best in a category.
  18. Tsar – A person with great authority or power.
  19. Mastermind – The brains or planners behind something.
  20. Empress – A dominant or commanding woman.

Use of Royalty Slang in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using the slang term Royalty:

  1. Mark’s the kingpin in our local chess club.
  2. She’s considered the bigwig in the department.
  3. Stop acting like such majesty over a small win.
  4. His highness didn’t even acknowledge us at the party.
  5. Jane’s always been the top dog in math class.
  6. She’s the queen bee of our friend group.
  7. Everyone knows he’s the MVP on the football team.
  8. Michelle is the boss when it comes to event planning.
  9. Call the head honcho if you have concerns.
  10. Rob is our team captain for this project.
  11. In this industry, she’s the numero uno.
  12. That steak is of prime quality, fit for royalty.
  13. As CEO, he wears the crown in this company.
  14. In terms of coding, Nina’s an ace.
  15. In the corporate jungle, he’s the lion.
  16. Here, the real monarch is the editor-in-chief.
  17. You’re the champ when it comes to baking cookies.
  18. He’s the tsar of the music industry.
  19. The event’s success was all thanks to the mastermind behind it.
  20. She’s the empress of her own fashion empire.

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