20+ Slang for Attention Seeker (Their Uses & Meanings)

What Does Attention Seeker Mean?

An “attention seeker” refers to a person who acts in a way to gain attention or validation from others. These behaviors can be motivated by a variety of reasons, such as a desire for validation, feelings of insecurity, or a need for emotional support. Sometimes, the term is used pejoratively to criticize someone perceived as being overly dramatic or constantly seeking the spotlight.

Slang For Attention Seeker

Slang Words for Attention Seeker

Here is the list of slang words for Attention Seeker:

  1. Drama queen
  2. Show-off
  3. Exhibitionist
  4. Drama llama
  5. Spotlight hog
  6. Diva
  7. Clout chaser
  8. Fame whore
  9. Scene-stealer
  10. Try-hard
  11. Hypebeast
  12. Drama magnet
  13. Look-at-me
  14. Flash Harry
  15. Peacock
  16. Attention hound
  17. Glory hog
  18. Showboat
  19. Braggart
  20. Selfie king/queen

Use of Attention Seeker Slangs in Example Sentences

  1. She’s such a drama queen over small issues.
  2. He’s always showing off his new gadgets.
  3. The performer was quite the exhibitionist on stage.
  4. Every small setback makes her a drama llama.
  5. She’s a spotlight hog at every party.
  6. Acting like a diva won’t earn you respect.
  7. He’s a known clout chaser on social media.
  8. She’s been called a fame whore by critics.
  9. He’s a notorious scene-stealer in group photos.
  10. Sometimes he acts like such a try-hard.
  11. Wearing all brands makes him a hypebeast.
  12. Avoid becoming a drama magnet in situations.
  13. Always needs validation, such a look-at-me person.
  14. With that flashy car, he’s a Flash Harry.
  15. He likes to peacock with his flashy jewelry.
  16. She’s an undeniable attention hound on social media.
  17. At team events, he’s a glory hog.
  18. Stop showboating; we’ve all seen it before.
  19. He’s a braggart about his so-called achievements.
  20. Posting daily, she’s the office’s selfie queen.

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