30+ Slang for Revenge (Their Uses & Meanings)

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What does Revenge Mean?

Revenge refers to the act of seeking retribution or inflicting harm upon someone in response to a perceived wrong or injustice, often driven by a desire to balance the scales or satisfy a personal vendetta. It involves intentionally causing harm or negative consequences as a form of payback.

Slang For Revenge

Slang Words for Revenge

Here is the list of slang words for Revenge with meanings:

  1. Clapback – Swift response to criticism or insult.
  2. Payback – Retaliation for something done earlier.
  3. Receipts – Evidence of someone’s wrongs or deceit.
  4. Roast – Mock someone to get even.
  5. Settle Up – Finalize an unresolved issue.
  6. Square Up – Prepare to get revenge.
  7. Throw Shade – Subtly show disrespect or contempt.
  8. Tick for Tack – An equivalent retaliation.
  9. Get Even – Balance the scales of justice.
  10. Retalio – Short for retaliation; getting back.
  11. Dish It – Serve revenge coldly.
  12. Getback – Act of taking revenge.
  13. Level Up – Rise to challenge or revenge.
  14. Snapback – Sharp response to an offense.
  15. Return the Favor – Repay in kind.
  16. One Up – Outdo someone as revenge.
  17. Drop the Hammer – Act decisively in retaliation.
  18. Serve Cold – Wait before exacting revenge.
  19. Tit for Tot – Childish way of revenge.
  20. Balance Books – Rectify a wrong or debt.
  21. Eye for Eye – Match an offense with equal force.
  22. Serve Justice – Right a wrong in one’s eyes.
  23. Give it Back – Return an offensive action.
  24. Flip the Script – Change the narrative to one’s favor.
  25. Turn Tables – Change position in one’s favor.
  26. Revenge Fest – Prolonged period of retaliation.
  27. Deal Cards – Decide the manner of retaliation.
  28. Cold Dish – Serve revenge after a long wait.
  29. Slingback – Throwback to a previous offense.
  30. Replay Button – Repeat an act of retaliation.

Use of Revenge Slang in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using the slang term Revenge:

  1. She had the perfect clapback to his comment.
  2. This prank is just payback for last week.
  3. She showed the receipts of his lies.
  4. They decided to roast him online.
  5. After the argument, they had to settle up.
  6. He’s ready to square up after that insult.
  7. She didn’t directly insult, just throw shade.
  8. It was a tick for tack situation.
  9. After the prank, he vowed to get even.
  10. She’s planning her retalio for that stunt.
  11. He’s going to dish it at the right moment.
  12. This is all part of his getback plan.
  13. She’s ready to level up against her rival.
  14. The tweet was a snapback to the haters.
  15. He decided to return the favor subtly.
  16. Her goal was to one up his performance.
  17. After the betrayal, he was ready to drop the hammer.
  18. Sometimes, it’s best to serve cold.
  19. Their quarrel was like a tit for tot.
  20. He wanted to balance books with his foe.
  21. An eye for eye is his mantra.
  22. She’s going to serve justice on her terms.
  23. You insult me, I’ll give it back.
  24. With new evidence, he could flip the script.
  25. He wanted to turn tables on his opponent.
  26. The whole week felt like a revenge fest.
  27. It’s her turn to deal cards now.
  28. Patience; revenge is a cold dish.
  29. She used his words as a slingback.
  30. Pressing the replay button on that prank.Top of Form

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