100 Modern English Slang, Slang Words List

100 Modern English Slang, Slang Words List! Slang is an ever-evolving part of language, reflecting the dynamic nature of culture and society. New slang terms emerge constantly, as people invent creative ways to express themselves and connect with others. In this list, we have compiled 100 modern English slang words that are commonly used in everyday conversation and popular culture.

From “lit” to “bougie”, these slang words reflect the attitudes, values, and experiences of contemporary society. Whether you are trying to keep up with the latest trends or just want to expand your vocabulary, this list is a great resource for anyone interested in modern English slang.

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100 Modern English Slang

  1. Lit: exciting or excellent
  2. Extra: over-the-top, excessive
  3. Salty: upset or angry
  4. Flex: show off or boast
  5. Thirsty: overly eager or desperate for attention
  6. Clout: influence or social status
  7. FOMO: fear of missing out
  8. Ghost: disappear or stop communicating
  9. GOAT: greatest of all time
  10. Savage: ruthless or aggressive
  11. Hundo P: 100 percent certain
  12. Sus: suspicious or shady
  13. Snatched: looking great or on point
  14. Woke: socially aware or enlightened
  15. Shook: shocked or surprised
  16. Bae: term of endearment for a significant other
  17. Squad: group of friends
  18. Gucci: good or cool
  19. Fam: family or close friends
  20. Clap back: responding to criticism or insults
  21. Cringe: uncomfortable or awkward
  22. Turnt: excited or hyped up
  23. Highkey: openly or strongly
  24. Lowkey: discreetly or subtly
  25. Finesse: skillfully maneuver or trick
  26. Lituation: a great or fun situation
  27. Slay: kill it or do something exceptionally well
  28. Snack: an attractive person
  29. Tea: gossip or juicy information
  30. TFW: that feeling when
  31. Thot: derogatory term for a promiscuous woman
  32. YOLO: you only live once
  33. Vibe: overall atmosphere or feeling
  34. JOMO: the joy of missing out
  35. Dope: great or impressive
  36. Basic: unoriginal or boring
  37. DM: direct message
  38. AF: as f***, meaning very
  39. Lit AF: very exciting or excellent
  40. Swole: muscular or buff
  41. Bet: agreement or confirmation
  42. Hater: someone who dislikes or criticizes
  43. On fleek: looking perfect or flawless
  44. Throw shade: make indirect insults or criticisms
  45. Turn up: party or have a good time
  46. O.A.T.: greatest of all time
  47. Yasss: expression of excitement or approval
  48. Thirst trap: posting something attractive to get attention
  49. Faded: under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  50. Bounce: leave or go away
  51. Lit up: angry or upset
  52. Mood: current state of mind or emotion
  53. Ratchet: messy or low class
  54. Shade: insult or criticize indirectly
  55. Ship: support or endorse a romantic relationship
  56. No cap: no lie or honest
  57. Trolling: deliberately provoking or annoying others online
  58. Fubbing: ignoring someone in favor of your phone
  59. On point: perfect or accurate
  60. Flexing: showing off or boasting
  61. Throwback: nostalgic or old-school
  62. Canceled: boycotted or rejected
  63. Suspect: suspicious or questionable
  64. IRL: in real life
  65. Litmus test: a way to measure someone’s loyalty or commitment
  66. Stan: an obsessive fan
  67. TBH: to be honest
  68. Vibing: getting along or having a good time
  69. Drip: fashion or style
  70. Yikes: expression of shock or disbelief
  71. Finsta: fake Instagram account used for private sharing
  72. Sipping tea: watching or observing the drama
  73. Deadass: serious or truthful
  74. Bougie: a slang term that refers to the middle-class or upper-middle class
  75. High-maintenance: requiring a lot of attention or effort
  76. Hundo: one hundred percent certain
  77. Lit AF: extremely exciting or excellent
  78. Sus AF: very suspicious or shady
  79. Squad goals: aspirations or ideals for a group of friends
  80. Glow up: transformation or improvement in appearance or life
  81. FOMO: fear of missing out
  82. Flex on: show off or brag to someone
  83. Stan culture: fan culture or obsession
  84. Ghosting: suddenly cutting off all communication with someone
  85. DTF: down to f***, meaning open to sexual activity
  86. Litty: exciting or excellent
  87. Clap back: respond to criticism or insults
  88. Lituation: a fun or exciting situation
  89. Ship: support or endorse a romantic relationship between two people
  90. Vibe check: assessment of a person’s overall energy or mood
  91. Thicc: curvy or voluptuous
  92. Snack: an attractive person
  93. Glow up: transformation or improvement in appearance or life
  94. DM slide: initiate communication with someone through a direct message
  95. Cray: crazy or wild
  96. Faded: under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  97. Wavy: cool or unique
  98. Savage: ruthless or aggressive
  99. GOAT: greatest of all time
  100. Lit: exciting or excellent

Modern English Words With Meaning

  1. Blag: talk in persuasive language
  2. Guy: man, boy, person
  3. Hand, lend a:help
  4. Ace: really good, exceptional
  5. Mental: mad, idiotic
  6. Nick (verb): take, steal
  7. Cut it out: shut up, stop talking
  8. Half a mo’:  wait a minute, hold it
  9. Miffed: disconcerted, taken aback
  10. Knackered: tired, exhausted
  11. Mate: friend
  12. Wheels: car, vehicle
  13. Grand: thousand dollars
  14. Knock someone up: wake someone up
  15. Shoot up: inject a drug
  16. Doss: sleep
  17. Dough: money
  18. Pad: the place you live in
  19. Bird: woman, female
  20. Crack up: disintegrate under pressure
  21. Screw: extort money from a person
  22. Blown away by: very impressed by
  23. Gutted: very annoyed
  24. Wank: masturbate:
  25. Box, on the box: television, on tv
  26. Brass: money
  27. Ladette: female version of lad
  28. Ballistic: furious
  29. Cut up (adjective): distressed
  30. Snog: kiss, embrace
  31. Pond: the atlantic ocean
  32. Screw: be mentally retarded
  33. Wicked: fantastic, really good
  34. Blab: talk, give away secrets
  35. Brill: really good, brilliant
  36. Fag (noun): (gb) cigarette
  37. Hell of a: enormous, giant
  38. Sad: pathetic, opposite of cool
  39. Screw it up: do something very badly
  40. Chill out: stop being excited
  41. Pop pills: take drugs
  42. Twit: idiot, stupid person
  43. Chick: girl:
  44. Hang on: wait:
  45. Naf, naff: of poor quality
  46. Neat: really good, appreciated
  47. Screwball: idiot
  48. Shattered: very tired, distressed
  49. Bucks: dollars
  50. Kip: sleep
  51. Fazed: worried, disconcerted
  52. Skint : as in i’m skint
  53. A swift one: a quick drink
  54. Anorak: very boring person
  55. Do over: steal from
  56. Lass: girl, young lady
  57. Sarnie: sandwich
  58. Unfazed: cool, calm
  59. Flak, take the flak: criticism, blame
  60. Piss off: you bore or annoy me
  61. Psyched up: tense, anxious
  62. Dope: drugs
  63. Skive: avoid work
  64. Wanker: (impolite) stupid person
  65. Crash (out): go to bed
  66. Plastic: plastic bank card
  67. Sack, hit the: go to bed
  68. Cool: good, fashionable
  69. Dude: person, man
  70. Switch, hit the: turn on or turn off
  71. Chippie: fish and chip shop:
  72. Hole in the wall: cash distributor
  73. Item: as in they’re an item
  74. Hold on!: hold it, wait
  75. Puke: vomit, be sick
  76. Quid: pound
  77. Lager-lout: hooligan
  78. Pissed off: angry, fed up
  79. Shoot down to: go quickly to
  80. Halls: university student residences
  81. Hold it!: stop, pause
  82. Piss off: go away, stop it:
  83. Suss out: work out, find the solution:
  84. Grub: food
  85. Knot, tie the knot: get married
  86. Throw up: vomit, be sick (puke)
  87. Iffy: dubious, of dubious quality
  88. Strapped: short of money
  89. Twisted: he is a bit strange
  90. Nick (noun): prison
  91. Pissed: drunk
  92. Shack up with: live with

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