20+ Slang for Erection (Their Uses & Meanings)

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What does Erection Mean?

The word “erection” primarily refers to the physiological process by which the penis becomes firm and enlarged, typically due to sexual arousal. It can also refer to the act of constructing a structure.

Slang For Erection

Slang Words for Erection

  1. Wood – Penis is hard and upright
  2. Boner – Obvious penile arousal
  3. Chubby – Partial, not full, erection
  4. Stiffy – Firm, erect state
  5. Rod – Solid, erect condition
  6. Hard-on – Firm, aroused state
  7. Pole – Long, erect condition
  8. Tent – Visible through clothing
  9. Rager – Extremely firm erection
  10. Rise – Gradual erection process
  11. Flagpole – Noticeably erect penis
  12. Turgid – Swollen and erect
  13. Throbber – Pulsating when erect
  14. Salute – Upright, as if saluting
  15. Pitching a tent – Visible erection through clothes
  16. Tower – Tall, erect state
  17. Torpedo – Firm, ready to “launch”
  18. Horn – Arousal causing an erection
  19. Upstanding – Firm and straight erection
  20. Rocket – Erect and poised

Use of Erection Slang in Example Sentences

  1. She noticed his wood while hugging him.
  2. He got a boner during the movie.
  3. He had a chubby but wasn’t fully erect.
  4. The scene gave him a stiffy.
  5. He felt like a rod was in his pants.
  6. She could tell he had a hard-on.
  7. The tight jeans revealed his pole.
  8. His jeans pitched a tent embarrassingly.
  9. He couldn’t hide the rager he had.
  10. The romantic mood led to a rise.
  11. The nude scene was a flagpole moment.
  12. The kiss left him turgid.
  13. He had a throbber he couldn’t ignore.
  14. He stood up, presenting a noticeable salute.
  15. In the sleeping bag, he was pitching a tent.
  16. His tower was difficult to hide.
  17. His torpedo was ready for action.
  18. The sexy vibe gave him the horn.
  19. He was upstanding in his arousal.
  20. His rocket was ready for liftoff.

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